30K in 30 Days

This fundraising audio and kit will help you fully fund your church plant.

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We have discovered that just sending letters to your family and friends hoping they fund your church doesn’t work anymore! So what can you do in a totally down economy to fully fund your church plant? To help you answer that, we are releasing a new resource for Pre-Launch & Post-Launch (up to 1 year in) churches.

30K in 30 Days Includes:

1. Digital Audio Seminar (42 Minutes)

This audio seminar offers instruction based on a story of a church that really did raise 30K in 30 Days!

2. Fully Resourced Fundraising Kit

This kit includes things like:

  • How to breakthrough traditional fundraiser thinking
  • How to establish a clear vision for your 30K in 30 Days Campaign
  • How to develop a step-by-step strategy to reach your fund raising goal
  • How to name your campaign for success
  • What to do on the web to receive online donations
  • Example church baby registry
  • Steps to develop your campaign list
  • How to launch your campaign
  • Campaign introduction letter and email templates
  • Urgent appeal letter template
  • Last chance letter template
  • Other fully written out email and letter templates
  • How to leverage your launch/core team during the campaign

*This is a digital resource. After purchase, you will receive an email with a link and instructions on how to download this resource.