39 Things Every Pastor Needs To Know About Money

39 Things Every Pastor Needs To Know About Money is a crash-course on money that applies to your family, your church, and your future. In addition to addressing the personal and professional financial stresses you feel now, it also covers the money matters you need to be thinking about today to plan for the future. You’ll walk away from this resource with the tools in your pocket to make immediate, practical changes in the way you handle and think about finances.

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If everyone in your church was in your financial position, would your church be strapped or blessed? Moving your church towards financial health starts with its leader.

As a pastor, it’s your responsibility to set the example for your congregation and relieve personal financial pressures while saving money.

In 39 Things Every Pastor Needs To Know About Money, you’ll find easy-to-implement strategies on how to identify holes in your budget, how to gain control over your spending, how to save more than you spend and more.

This resource is offered as a single digital download.