Preaching Rocket Coaching Program

We want to help you make your next sermon your very best sermon. Preaching Rocket is a coaching program designed to help you prepare and deliver better sermons.

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  • Twelve action oriented coaching modules complete with written coaching, video coaching and a listener’s guide
  • Access to the resource vault where you can download spreadsheets, documents and other planning assets
  • 52 preaching illustrations to pepper your preaching with interesting stories from science, history, sports, culture and other parts of life.
  • Access to the members’ forum where you can collaborate with other preachers

The 12 Learning Modules Are:

  1. How to Organize Your Message
  2. People WILL Remember Your Message on Thursday
  3. Preaching the Gospel in Every Sermon
  4. Developing a Preaching Plan
  5. Preaching to the Unchurched
  6. Engage People Quick
  7. How to Call People to Action
  8. Seeking Feedback and Dealing with the Critics
  9. Nobody Remembers a Bullet Point: Using Engaging Stories and Illustrations
  10. Building a Team and Developing a Preaching Team
  11. How to Study the Bible for Preaching
  12. Healthy Churches Need Healthy Pastors

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