The Rocket Company What Happens When You Give

What Happens When You Give Sample Pack

What Happens When You Give is an easy, done-for-you thank you system for donors to your church. We’ve created a mailable, inspirational booklet you can put in the hands of all your donors. This sample pack includes 5 booklets, envelopes and thank you cards.



Most people in your church have their fair share of financial challenges. Any time they give to the vision and mission of your church, it is a big step and a spiritual act. It’s a sign that their heart is beating more in step with Jesus. It’s about faith more than it is about finances. As a church leader, you should celebrate their decision to give and thank them for tithing. It will help you be more humble, and it will encourage them to give again.

Some churches send a form letter, but that’s cold and impersonal. Some churches send books on tithing or generosity, but those are expensive. Most churches actually send nothing.

That’s why we created What Happens When You Give, a revolutionary new tool to thank donors in your church.