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  • Event Title:  Preach Better Sermons 2016
  • Date: Thursday, January 14, 2016 at 1:00 pm Eastern
  • Website:


  • Want to learn how to get 5 days ahead in your sermon preparation? A behind-the-scenes look at how.
  • Pastors, announcing the lineup and topic for Preach Better Sermons 2016!
  • Want to peek behind the curtain with 8 legendary communicators? Register your spot for this free event.
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  • Learn sermon preparation and delivery from some of the best. Online and free.



Title: world-class training from pastors

ANNOUNCING the lineup and topic for Preach Better Sermons ’16!!!


Last year, 20,000 people signed up to be a part of the Preach Better Sermons movement.

There’s a reason why …

There’s nowhere else out there where you can get world-class training on preaching for FREE! 

Preaching is the difference-maker in churches. And the pressure to perform is often greater than the skills to survive.

If you’ve never heard of Preach Better Sermons, just know that your preaching just got a boost that will make 2016 a lot more peaceful, confident, and balanced than it was in ’15.

If you’re already sold, go ahead and REGISTER HERE.

The topic for PBS ’16?

(drum roll please) 

POWERFUL PREPARATION: How You Can Get 5 Days Ahead In Your Sermon Prep

Pastors, it’s time to get your Saturdays back. Spend them with your family!

It’s time to prepare with clarity, focus, and wisdom.

The lineup speaks for itself. Take a look.



Title: 7 preaching stories you can use in your sermons



Do you wish you could grow your church by preaching unforgettable sermons?

Do you want to remove the pain of sermon prep?

Preach Better Sermons is a 3-hour online conference designed by pastors for pastors.

At this free event, we’ve assembled 8 world-class communicators to share what they’ve learned about sermon preparation.

One tool to put in your pocket as you prepare….stories.

Here are seven interesting stories to save in your files, along with a quick thought on how you could leverage the story in a message.

7 Preaching Stories You Can Use In Your Sermons

Here are seven interesting stories to save in your files, along with a quick thought on how you could leverage the story in a message.

Story 1. A Texas police officer writes a ticket, but folded a $100 bill inside the citation.  Read the story about #grace.  God gives us a great gift, even though we are guilty.

Story 2. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that everyone writes, put the mega-staffed, super-popular Microsoft Encarta out of business.  Read the Wikipedia article about itself and remind your congregation that everybody is better than somebody. #volunteers

Story 3. Chinese bamboo produces little outward growth for the first four years of its life. Though it’s puny and pitiful, there’s something powerful happening underground.  In the fifth year, the tree grows eighty feet!  We must cultivate our #soul and understand that the root comes before the fruit.

Story 4. Starbucks reclaimed four shipping containers and make a pretty cool store.  They say the containers are “reclaimed, refurnished, renewed and revived.” Sounds like what God does in our hearts. #restoration

Story 5. There’s a 99.99% soundproof room in Minneapolis that holds the Guinness World’s Record for being the quietest place on earth.  NASA rents it to train astronauts.  Reminds me of what could happen when we heed the words of Psalm 46:10 and be #still.

Story 6. Duffy Daughtery was the football coach for the Michigan State Spartans from 1954 to 1972.  At the end of one game, Daughtery sent in his kicker to win the game.  As the kick sailed through the uprights, the kicker looked at the referee.  Why?  Because he had forgotten his contact lens and couldn’t see!  Though he couldn’t see the goalposts, he’d practiced the kick so many times, it was routine.  This story might work great in a message on spiritual disciplines, Bible reading, consistent community or parenting.

Story 7. A famous violinist named Joshua Bell once played for 45 minutes in a Washington DC Metro station. Though he paid a $3 Million violin and had sold out a Boston theater just two nights before, only six people stopped to listen to his music.  What a great story to illustrate that we should never take people for granted.

Want more help with your weekly sermon? Preach Better Sermons is a free online event to help you learn sermon prep and delivery from some of the best.

Sign up here. Availability is limited.



Title: Are you like the #1 golfer in the world?

“90% of unchurched people choose a church based on the pastor or preaching”—Thom Rainer

This quote summarizes the heart behind Preach Better Sermons – a free online event where pastors LEARN from other pastors about how to get better at preparing sermons.

Why is learning so important for you, pastors?

Because while you’re working on your sermon, who’s working on you?

Jordan Spieth is the number one golfer on the planet…

Spieth is the youngest player to win two majors in 93 years.

He is also the youngest to reach five pro tournament wins in 86 years.

At a ripe 22 years of age, he’s doing the unfathomable on the golf course.

And guess what?


In fact, it’s the same coach he’s had since Spieth was 12 years old.

Spieth commented on why he uses them term “we” to talk about his accomplishments on the golf course instead of “I” or “me.”

We’re competing together all for the same goal. I try to align myself with the best at what they do in the world, because then that will free me up. I won’t have to worry about any other parts of my life on and off the course, and it seems to be working. We have a great team, and no one’s been scared of the next level, and that’s why we are where we are right now. So I believe that on and off the course, it’s not just me.”

Shouldn’t you and I approach preaching the same way?

Align yourself with the best at what they do.

Move to the next level.

Free yourself!

Our jobs center around delivering a message of truth. Its impact goes way beyond a golf game…

It goes beyond this week…

It goes beyond this life!

It’s life-changing! That’s why we’ve partnered with multiple experts in the field to provide PREACH BETTER SERMONS, an online conference that’s delivered to you in an easy, convenient, FREE way (online). Because we want to give YOU access to people who can pour into YOUR ministry, empower YOUR leadership, and grow YOUR church.

Simply put: we all need coaching NOW.

According to, “A coach can be a powerful resource who can help you get out of your own way, stand out, and take action to achieve the things that are truly important to you.”

It will pay off in clarity, peace of mind, and increased success.

You can walk away with a Complete Preparation System to help you get ahead and preach better.

Click here to register your spot TODAY.