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Combining creative training, practical resources, and expert interviews, Sunday Morning Systems coaching program will breathe fresh life into your church and help you create beginning-to-end worship service experiences that your community will talk about.

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Download, share and deploy written coaching that will give you the systems you and your team need to grow your church. Receive unlimited access to our resource vault.


Access world-class coaching by video inside every module so that you can grow your church with perfect clarity and understanding


Receive audio coaching so you can access all the strategies, tactics, and growth resources while you are on the go in any environment


Get private, VIP access to a tribe of church leaders just like you, who learn with you and help answer questions together

Learn more using these 12 MODULES to maximize your leadership. Each lesson includes coaching videosworksheetsmp3s as well as access to a community of leaders working through the material with you!

Module 1 How You Can Keep Your Weekly Services Fresh, Not Repetitive

Module 2 How You Can Creatively Incorporate The Elements For A Service In Different Ways

Module 3 How You Can Plan In A Way That Gives People Plenty Of Prep Time

Module 4 How You Can Plan A More Effective Time Of Commitment

Module 5 How You Can Have An Excellent Worship Service With Volunteers

Module 6 How You Can Recruit And Empower Volunteers

Module 7 How You Can Create An Engaging Guest Experience

Module 8 How You Can Spotlight Stories To Engage More People

Module 9 How You Can Encourage Musicians To Play Together As A Team

Module 10 How You Can Put Together A Process For Audition And Rehearsal

Module 11 How You Can Put The Right Songs Together In A Powerful Way

Module 12 How You Can Improve The Technical Quality Of Your Worship Service

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