The Rocket Company Affiliate Program

If you’re a Rocket Company customer or fan, you can earn a commission by recommending us to your friends.   

Here is a Summary:

  1. You sign up for the program using the form below.
  2. You get a unique link (and you can generate more)
  3. You place ads or links on your website or send links to pastors you know via email.
  4. If they purchase any of our digital content using your link, you get paid.
  5. You can login to the system anytime to generate new links and see results.
  6. You get paid once a quarter.
  7. We will send you an affiliate newsletter once a month with tips on how to maximize the program.

Fill Out This Form To Get Started:



Here is the Short Version of the Rules and Terms:

  • We pay a 20% referral fee on any subscription program or digital download generated from your unique link.  For example, if Billy uses your unique link to sign up for Giving Rocket at $99 a month.  You will get $19.80 every month.
  • Physical products like What Happens When You Give are not included in the affiliate program.  We’d still love if you recommend them, of course.
  • The Rocket Company can change or terminate this agreement at any point. 
  • Any refunds or chargebacks will be deducted from your next commission.  It’s rare, but every now and then, people ask for a refund.
  • Payments are made once a month.  You’ll make money for recommend a product that really helps – isn’t that cool?
  • No spamming or shady stuff allowed.  That goes without saying. (Ironic that I said it.)
  • You can generate links, track clicks and manage your account from Infusionsoft – our referral partner software.