Launchpad: The most affordable, practical, and timely resources to help you lead your church.

Introducing a monthly membership program with bite-sized coaching, done for you resources and real church examples. 


What is Launch Pad and What Do I Get?

LaunchPad is a monthly membership program that delivers bite-sized coaching, done-for-you resources, and real church examples to help you lead a healthy and growing church.  We look at the calendar and help you know what’s now and what’s next.  We give you bite-sized coaching and simple tools you can use to improve every area of your church, from worship services, to leadership, to ministries.


If we’re talking about surveying your congregation in the summer, we’ll give you the survey. If we’re talking about staff evaluations, you’ll get the form. If we tell you to send an email, we’ll write the email for you. The bottom line is, we want to save you time.


Our team and special guests will help you improve a specific part of your church. This isn’t fluff or inspiration – it’s bite-sized, actionable content you can implement right away.


Each month, we’ll provide information about what’s working in churches and what isn’t. These surveys, interviews with church leaders, and other materials can help you make confident decisions in your own church.


We’ll send you scripts you can use in your services to help set up the offering, introduce the worship time, or welcome guests and attenders. These “cut-and-paste” scripts are designed to save you time, and help you communicate clearly.


Let’s face it. Church leadership can be lonely. You’ll be encouraged by, and have the opportunity to learn from, other church leaders in our exclusive LaunchPad Facebook group.

resource-vaultYou’ll get 24/7 access to the Resource Vault, where you’ll find hundreds of documents, spreadsheets, and forms to help your church.

exclusive-gatheringsAs a member, you’ll get access to exclusive gatherings and private events to learn with, and from, other church leaders.

LaunchPad is only $99 a month for as long as you want to stay.
There is no contract and you can cancel any time you like. 

How Does LaunchPad Work?

When you sign up, you’ll create an ID and password that will allow you to log in to our digital hub. From there, you can read, watch, listen, or download the content you need. We’ll continue to send you fresh content, coaching, and resources on a monthly basis. That content will typically include:

  • A short video lesson between 10 and 20 minutes. I’ll walk you through what’s “now” and “next” for your church.
  • A practical resource to go along with the coaching. We call these “done-for-you” because we do the heavy lifting.
  • “Just Say This” scripts. These scripts will help you set up the offering time, set up the worship time, or welcome guests. You can use them for inspiration, or hand them to a volunteer.

Launch Pad is designed to save you time and help you lead with confidence. It’s like having a staff member on your team for $99 a month!

We’ve structured each month’s content around a theme. The coaching, resources, and examples are all tied together under this theme. Your first month you’ll have access to the first module, The Church Growth Road Map.

 The Church Growth Road Map

In Module 1, we’ll help you evaluate where your church is at the moment, and  identify some important objectives for moving forward.

  1.  Where are you? The church health assessment will help you identify where you are. Jim Collins says, “great leaders need to confront brutal facts,” so we’ll help you do this in the first module.
  2. Where are you going? Once you know where you are, it’s time to talk about where you want to go. We’ve found that a lot of churches don’t have clearly articulated goals. And, if they do, they may not always communicate those goals with their staff. The Dream worksheet will help you set three church-wide goals for the next season of ministry.
  3. How to Get There. Now that you know where you’re going, we’ll show you how to get there.

In the remainder of Module 1 we’ll help you:

  • Clarify and focus on your purpose
  • Lead the people God has given you
  • Create a solid ministry plan
  • Execute the right projects

Launch Pad is on time learning, on your schedule, and all online. Membership to Launch Pad is only $99.00 a month. 


There is No Contract, and You Can Cancel Any Time.

But., we think you’ll want to be around for a long time because of the value of everything you’ll receive. You get:

  • The practical, bite-sized coaching that will help every ministry
  • The “done-for-you” resources that will save you time
  • The “just-say-this” scripts to inspire and help you communicate clearly
  • Access to the Resource Vault, private events and private Facebook group
  • The Real Church Examples


Why Do I Need LaunchPad?

We’ve had the opportunity to meet and speak with hundreds of pastors and church leaders over the years. And, while the pastors we’ve met feel called to the work of the ministry, they often feel overwhelmed by the work of the ministry. They are honored and humbled to do what they do, but they need a little help and hope along the way. Our goal in creating LaunchPad is to provide that help. So, how do you know if LaunchPad is for you?

  1. You don’t need more ideas, you need the right ideas.
  2. You don’t need another to-do list, you need people to help you get stuff done.
  3. You want to become a better leader.
  4. You’re looking for real, and proven, strategies.
  5. You’re a busy pastor with a lot to do, and little time to get it done.


  • Getting the best curated content and filtered ideas to help your church grow
  • Seeing real church examples from growing churches
  • Having professional writers write scripts you can use right out of the box or customize to meet your needs
  • Being part of a like minded community of leaders who believe in the mission and power of the local church
  • Never having to start from scratch when you need to create a document, spreadsheet, or system

 Being a LaunchPad  member is like having a staff member on your team for $99 a month”


Got a question? Here are a few answers to the most common queries about the LaunchPad membership…

Q: How much does it cost? 
Membership to LaunchPad is $99 a month for as long as you want to stay in the program.

Q. How do I access my resources?
You’ll use your ID and password to login to our digital hub. From there, you can read, watch, listen, or download the content.

Q: Is there a contract?
No. There is no contract. You can cancel anytime, and we will stop your payment.

Q. Is this similar to the other rockets? 
You might see a small amount of overlap, but our classes are very content specific. LaunchPad isn’t a course, it’s a membership program that will help your whole church.

Q. Can I pay for an entire year up front?
Absolutely! If you’d like to pay for 12 months in advance, you’ll save an extra 10%.

Q. Is my credit card information secure?
Yes. All payments are processed through our secure gateway.

Q. How do I cancel?
Just log in to the digital hub and click the cancel link at the bottom of every page. It’s easy to find, not buried on some secret page.

Q. Do I keep my resources if I cancel?
You bet. Your content is yours for as long as there is an internet.

Q. What if I have questions and want to talk to someone?
You can email us at

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