Launch Pad Cancellation

I understand that Launch Pad isn’t right for everyone, but I’m sorry to see you go.  At the bottom of this page, you’ll find a simple form to cancel your membership.  Just fill it out and we will take care of the rest.  I promised you it would be easy.

But if you have 60 seconds, I’d love it if you would consider a couple of alternatives before scrolling to the bottom.

Monthly Payment Not Right For You?

You know you can get 12 months of Launch Pad by making an annual payment.  In fact, not only will you avoid monthly charges, you’ll save an additional 10% of the already low price.  If you’d like to do that instead of cancel, just use this link.  We’ll charge the card on file one time and give you and your church full access for the next 12 months.

Want One Resource That Will Really Help?

Docs and Forms one of our best selling resources.  It’s a collection of documents and forms (duh!) to help you organize every ministry.  You’ll find staff, volunteer, administration, facility, and ministry documents.  I’m talking about docs like a staff evaluation, chart of accounts, worship leader expectations, employee handbook, job application, volunteer job descriptions and more.  Never start with a blank page again.  Here’s the link to buy Docs and Forms and if you enter the code LAUNCHPAD, you’ll save an additional 20%

Ready to Cancel?

If you’re ready to stop the presses, just fill out the form below.  This form will automatically update your account and stop your access to the Launch Pad membership program.