Welcome to the Rocket Company

Welcome to the Rocket Company.  This private page is full of information you need to familiarize yourself with who we are and what we do.  It’s been created just for you, and it’s full of helpful content to make your transition to our team as smooth as possible.

Before we get going, here is a list of things you should have and things that should have been completed (or you’re set to do this in the near future).  You’ll need to complete each of these things before receiving your first paycheck.

  • You have filled out the new hire pack.
  • Your company email account is setup and ready to go.
  • You’ve been set up with an InfusionSoft login ID and password.
  • A copy of Drivers License and Social Security Card is on file
  • You have read the Employee Handbook.
  • You have returned a W4 and I9 to Becca
  • You have sent a one paragraph bio and a recent picture to Michael
  • You have signed and returned the confidentiality agreement.
  • You have installed Dropbox and joined The Rocket Company shared folder.

If you don’t have those things, or you have any questions about any of those items, please ask now.  With that out of the way, let’s dive in.

You should move down this page in order, and it should take you 3-5 days to complete.  Don’t try to do everything in one day, but don’t drag it out either. There are videos you need to watch, some text you need to read, and some links you need to visit.

Ready?  Let’s go.

Video #1:  The History of the Company

In this video, Casey talks about this history of The Rocket Company. It didn’t always used to be called the Rocket Company.  In fact, things look much different now than they did back in 2008.

Video #2:  Our Mission and Values

In this video, Michael talks about our mission and five core values.  It’s foundational stuff that’s important to everything.  Emjoy!

Video #3:  Our Programs and Resources

In this short video, Michael gives you an insider overview of our key products and services.  Yes, we’ll keep growing and changing, but this overview will give you the starting point.

Video #4:  Our Company Strategy

A general might want to defeat the opposing army, but inspiration and motivation is not enough.  He needs a good strategy. So in this video, Michael talks about the strategy of The Rocket Company.  It’s macro, meaning it applies to the whole company.  But it’s also micro, meaning it’s got implication for the simplest resource.

Video #5:  How We Work

Three words describe a little bit of what it’s like to work here. Watch this video so you can learn what to expect from being on the team.

Tools You’ll Need to Do Your Job

  1. InfusionSoft is the central nervous system of our company.  We use this CRM software to track our contacts, build our email marketing engine, sell products in the store, communicate with members, send content and sales information, schedule communication sequences and more.   Here is a link to some training videos provided by InfusionSoft.  Check with your supervisor for a customized list of videos you should watch.  Use the login ID and password provided to you to login to InfusionSoft.
  2. CustomerHub is our online membership portal.  People who sign up for one of our core coaching programs are given a login and password and they access their resources and coaching through this portal.  Check with your supervisor to see if you need CustomerHub training.
  3. Dropbox is where we store all of our company files.  You will need to download this tool (you can also set it up on any smartphones or iPads you have).  All of our documents, resources, and files are stored here.  Inside the Rocket Company folder, you’ll see folders for admin, branding, content, events, legal, sales, staff, video and more.  Once this folder is synced with your computer, you’ll always have the latest files.  Be careful…this is a company-wide account, so if you change something and save it, you’ve changed it and saved it for everyone.  Dropbox keeps these documents in sync across all of our users.
  4. Through InfusionSoft, we send hundreds of thousands of emails a year.  While you’re inbox won’t be that full, email is an important part of the job.  We will use email to communicate with each other, and we use email to communicate with church leaders around the country.  There are a few notes about using email in the Employee handbook, but let me remind you not to use your work email account for personal stuff.  Also, don’t get CC and BCC happy.  While we can’t tell you how to manage your inbox, Michael wrote a private blog post with four principles you might find helpful.  Read it here.
  5. Evernote is an amazing free tool you can use to store and search for everything.  While it’s not required, it’s highly suggested.  Here’s a private post on how you can use it.
  6. Things is a task manager that keeps your tasks synced across multiple devices. You can also use it to handle recurring tasks, those things you do on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  Again, it’s not required but it’s highly suggested.  Here’s a private post on how you can use it.

Video #6:  Important Company Policies

Click here to download the employee handbook. Read it word for word then sign the final page and return it to Michael.

Video #7:  The Church Giving Survey Webinar

This is a free webinar, available on our website to anyone who registers.  You should watch it because it’s one of the key parts of the Giving Rocket program.  It will give you a little taste of our webinars and help you understand one of our key terms.

Church Giving Survey from The Rocket Company on Vimeo.

Video #8:  The Bottom Line Webinar

This free Preaching Rocket webinar is designed for preachers.  You might find it even helps you come up with a witty statement you can use on Facebook.  In this webinar, you’ll also hear a sales pitch for Preaching Rocket.  So it’s good learning for you on multiple fronts.

Our Various Meetings and Meeting Dates

Here is a summary of our meeting rhythm.  Check with your supervisor about what meetings you should attend.

Weekly Staff Meeting
Who:  Everybody on staff
Purpose: Vision and Communication
When: Every Monday from 11am – Noon followed by team lunch

Monthly Meeting
Who: Leadership Team
Purpose: Financial review and 2-3 big discussion items
When: 9am – 4pm one Monday a month

Annual Retreat
Who:  Everybody
Purpose: Review annual financials, look at next year’s financial projections, review previous year’s objectives, set next year’s objectives and theme.

Other Important Information You Need to Know

  • Saving stories is important to us.  If you get an email or see a blog post about something cool that’s happened to one of our customers, simply send it to jill@therocketcompany.com.  That’s Jill Walker’s email address.  We review these stories at staff meetings and regularly call on them when creating sales materials.