4 Contribution Statements

Regardless of your church size, every church has the opportunity to create a healthy, guilt-free environment for ongoing giving. We’ve surveyed over 100 churches to get the answers to questions you have including, “How do I increase the giving in my church without creating feelings of guilt in myself and our congregation?”. Here are four proven examples designed to help communicate the “why” in giving and increase your weekly offering.

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Execute a continued strong offering message with improved quarterly statement content

WHAT'S INCLUDED: Four carefully written quarterly contribution statements that not only thank people for their generosity, but reaffirm ongoing giving.

THE RESULTS: Increase your weekly giving and strengthen your year-end offering by recognizing past donations and reminding them of tomorrow's goals.

YOUR INVESTMENT: Simply integrate these templates into your existing statements, personalize, and send for an immediate financial return on your very small investment.