LaunchPad is a monthly membership group that will help you save time, make confident decisions, and be encouraged.

  • Get practical training that will help you no matter what ministry you lead
  • Get done-for-you resources that will save you time and speed up your impact
  • Get real church examples that will allow you to learn from other people in the trenches


Q. Why Do I Need LaunchPad?
We’ve had the opportunity to meet and speak with hundreds of pastors and church leaders over the years. And while the pastors we’ve met feel called to the work of the ministry, they often feel overwhelmed by the work of the ministry. They are honored and humbled to do what they do, but they need a little help and hope along the way. Our goal in creating LaunchPad is to provide that help.

Q. So how do I know if LaunchPad is for me?
You don’t need more ideas, you need the right ideas.
You don’t need another to-do list, you need people to help you get stuff done.
You want to become a better leader.
You’re looking for real and proven strategies.
You’re a busy pastor with a lot to do and little time to get it done.

LaunchPad gives you real-life support in EVERY area of your church.

Webinars. Get straightforward training on the areas of your church that are typically talked about with theories and ideas, not proven solutions.

Resources. Stop waiting on free time to magically open up to develop and improve areas of your church. Get it done-for-you right now with a folder-full of free resources each month.

Real Church Examples. Get case studies from church leaders who are in the trenches just like you. Hear what worked (and didn’t work) from them.

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