Creating A Thriving Volunteer Culture

Creating A Thriving Volunteer Culture includes coaching, resources, tips, information, and direction on how to recruit, empower, and keep volunteers.


Let me start by asking you a simple question…Is there anything you can do at your church without the help and support of volunteers?

I’d venture to say that if you really sat down and thought about it, your answer would probably be a resounding, “No!” That’s because volunteers are essential to the success of a growing, thriving church.

Without the helping hands, hearts, and hard work of the people in your congregation, you wouldn’t be able to pull off nearly any of the major happenings at your church.

So if a big, incredible group of volunteers is key to making the big, incredible things happen at your church, then how do you go about not only recruiting, but also keeping volunteers on board at your church? How do you go about creating a thriving volunteer CULTURE?

When you jump in, you’ll get things like…

  • A one-hour volunteer coaching event
  • Volunteer Leader Calendar
  • Volunteer Vision Night Guide
  • 3 Keys To Effective Volunteer Training