Child Safety Training System

25 practical documents and resources to ensure that your church is the safest place in town for kids!



When parents drop off their kids at various places in your church, they should feel confident about their safety. This means that your church is ready for the expected and the unexpected. You have the right policies, and the right people, in place. 

The Child Safety Training System gives you the resources you need to protect the children in your church and train the people involved in your children’s ministry.

Some of the resources included in this system…

  • Bathroom policy
  • Discipline policy
  • Allergy plan
  • Health guidelines
  • Weather emergency plan
  • Power outage plan
  • Fire evacuation plan
  • Suspicious person protocol
  • Child abuse laws
  • Check-in /check-out procedures
  • Child media release form
  • Child handicap special needs plan
  • Children’s ministry volunteer interview
  • Parent custody plan
  • Missing child plan
  • Plus many more!

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