Success Stories and Testimonials – Who We Serve

We are honored to work with hundreds of churches from all over the world – big churches and small churches, rural churches and urban churches, denominational churches and non-denominational churches.  And we’re honored to help pastors preach better sermons and churches have more money for ministry.  Here are just a few of the comments we’ve received.

Giving Rocket > We help churches have more money for ministry. Here’s what people are saying:

“As the lead pastor of the Journey church I highly recommend Giving Rocket to all pastors of all church sizes. Why?? Because if you will use the resources they put into your hands I promise you they will work for you. In fact in 6 months our overall giving has increased by 50% from $25,000.00 per week to $38,000.00 per week in tithes and offerings. In closing, I want to say thank you to Casey and the entire Giving Rocket team for their off the charts GO GOD efforts to see the Kingdom advanced through biblical giving.” – Darryl Bellar – The Journey Church
“Spending my lunch hour listening to Casey Graham on The Year End Giving Project. Casey & his team are the BEST GIFT any Pastor can receive!” – Ike Reighard – Piedmont Church
“We usually average around $6,500 per week in our offering.  Our previous highest regular offering was $8,994.  This past Sunday, with no special giving emphasis, we received $13,059.15 in un-designated giving!  I think it’s safe to say, I wish we’d joined Giving Rocket months ago.  The giving talks alone, with a little local creativity, are worth the price of membership.” — Dale Schaeffer, Bridge Way Community Church, @dale_schaeffer
“We’ve been with Giving Rocket for less than a year and we have begun several healthy practices that we have gotten from you guys – quarterly giving statements, offering intros, first time giver letter/notes, and connecting with significant givers.  Our giving has increased over 30% from last fall to this spring.” — Scott Sparks, The Grove Church, @scott_sparks
“After becoming a Giving Rocket member in January 2012 and attending the Giving Rocket Tour, we have seen our weekly giving double by implementing the simple actions steps and coaching from the Giving Rocket team.” — Bobby Williams, Ridge Church.
“I know that I’ve told you this before but Giving Rocket is making a huge difference in making disciples at our church.  This is bigger than our offerings going up, which they have in a big way.  To us this is about making fully devoted disciples of Jesus.  Money is a big part of that!” — Chris Hornbrook, Momentum Christian Church, @chrishornbrook
“Just wanted to let you know that yesterday we did our year-end offering that we called our Change The World offering.  Our average giving over the last few months has been $2,400 a week.  Yesterday we raised more than $15,000 for this specific giving initiative, and our regular giving skyrocketed too. Both offerings ended up being a little more than $28,000.  Wow. Ridiculous. Amazing.” – Jeremy Copeland – Story Church

Preaching Rocket > We help pastors preach better sermons.  Here’s what people are saying:

“It’s only the best preaching resource to ever come out for pastors. I’m a fan.” – Justin Trapp

“I’ve got sermons for the next 6 weeks already prepared and in the crock pot!  I’m eager to see how God uses them to change ME over the coming weeks, let alone my congregation and the surrounding community!  Thank you for your investment in me.” — Cliff Purcell, Lewiston First Church of the Nazarene

“I’m new to the rocket team but already have gleaned much from the segment 1 video… The instruction is really practical! I’ve tried for years to boil my message down to a tweet that a teenager to 35 yr old could connect with… Last week however, after placing the BL sooner in the teaching, I literally saw it on several fb status’ later that day, as well as tweets… word for word! At lunch yesterday w/ a newer guy for the first time & he quoted the BL… That’s your influence, it was directly measurable last week.  Thanks for your help. – Brad Kochis

“Thanks man. I’ve already been able to put to work some great concepts from PR! We have assembled a great preaching system here at CenterPoint, but this network really fills in some of the cracks in my prep.  Looking forward to a great year.”  – Bill

“I just added 2 more communicators on staff with me and this is the first year I have allowed approximately 50% of the Sunday morning pulpits to these guys. They are doing great, thanks to the tools at Preaching Rocket. Anyways, I could go on and on…..BUT for small churches like ours, we are very blessed to have ministry tools such as these. We are seeing life change EVERY SINGLE WEEK! From top CEO’s to guys and gals just off the street.” – Marcus

“First off… I love this product.  You are revolutionizing my preaching.  I have many people telling me that they have noticed a drastic improvement over the past 6 months.” – Matt Williams, City Church of Albuquerque NM

“Thank you soooo much for preaching rocket. It’s THE BEST resource for anyone who communicates the Gospel.” – @mtyrone