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Though we provide lots of downloadable resources in our store, the heartbeat of The Rocket Company is our core coaching programs. These two programs were created to give you 12 months worth of practical help in the areas that matter most.


The Preaching Rocket Core Coaching Program combines ministry coaching with done for you resources.  During this 12-month program, we’ll walk you though the following modules:

  • How to Build a Great Sermon
  • Writing Sermons that Stick
  • Seeking Feedback and Dealing with Criticism
  • How to Create a Preaching Calendar
  • Preaching to the Unchurched
  • The Crucial First Five Minutes
  • Preaching that Elicits a Response
  • Preaching the Gospel
  • Becoming a Master of Stories and Illustrations
  • How to Create a Preaching Dream Team
  • How to Study the Bible for Preaching
  • The Missing Ingredient that Will Change Everything

Purchasing the coaching program also includes access to the resource vault that has 52 preaching illustrations as well as other helpful tools to use in your sermon preparation.

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The Giving Rocket Core Coaching Program is 12-month program that combines the best ministry finance coaching with done-for-you resources you can use right away.  The twelve coaching modules include:

  1. How to Have a Financial Strategy
  2. Creating a Plan to Get Money
  3. How to Get People to Give
  4. The #1 Way to Get More Money for Ministry
  5. Giving Made Easy
  6. How to Create Happy Givers
  7. How to Attract High Impact Givers
  8. Three Sundays That Will Revolutionize Your Bank Account
  9. Help Your Congregation Win Financially
  10. How to Preach on Money (And Do It Well)
  11. Building the Best Board or Finance Team in Town
  12. Church Budgeting Made Simple

Purchasing the coaching program also includes access the to resource vault full of done-for-you stuff and 52 giving talk scripts to set up your offering time.

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The Volunteer Rocket Core Coaching Program is a 7-module program that will teach you a system to attract, build, connect, develop and engage volunteers.  The ABCDE system will help you have a healthy volunteer ministry and, in turn, grow the church.  The seven modules include:

  1. The foundation of a healthy volunteer ministry
  2. How to organize your volunteer ministry for success
  3. How to attract volunteers to your volunteer teams
  4. How to train volunteers without wasting anybody’s time
  5. Connecting new volunteers quick so they stick
  6. How to inspire and engage volunteers so they don’t burn out
  7. How to monitor the effectiveness of your volunteer ministry

In addition to the coaching, you’ll get all kinds of resources, letters, documents, and forms to help you have an effective volunteer ministry in your church.

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