Learn how to find, train and retain volunteers.

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The church is a volunteer organization and you depend on volunteers to make ministry happen.  No matter the size of your church, you can't hire staff to lead everything.  You MUST find, train and keep volunteers to lead and do ministry.  But this can be one of the most difficult tasks in leadership.

This resource is packed with ideas and strategies to engage and inspire volunteers to serve and lead.  You'll walk away with great ideas and simple systems ready to plug into your church right now.

This resource includes:

  • A 15-page eBook in PDF format
  • Related Documents and Forms that you can customize for your church

In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • How training volunteers is really about discipleship
  • How to make volunteer development a key aspect of every staff position
  • The six reasons people will volunteer at your church
  • Six ways to get more volunteers
  • Ideas to keep volunteer opportunities before your church all the time
  • How to create a farm system so that you’ll always have a pool of people for leadership positions
  • How to quickly connect new people
  • How lowering the bar can help
  • The crucial thing every volunteer needs from their “supervisor”
  • How to push training opportunities to your people without busying them up with meetings
  • Ideas for appreciating your volunteers so they stay involved
  • How to keep your volunteers informed
  • How one event can revolutionize your volunteer force

In addition to this content, you’ll also receive editable versions of the following documents:

  • Volunteer job descriptions for volunteer roles in your church
  • Sample membership update
  • Family ministry volunteer application
  • Three sermons on volunteering and involvement
  • Volunteer Worship musician expectations
  • Original PSD files of our volunteer information cards

*This is a digital resource. After purchase, you will receive an email with a link and instructions on how to download the resource.