#1 Way To Expand People’s Ability To Tithe At Your Church

Somewhere between two and five minutes…

Once a week…

That’s how much time most churches allot for people to give.

It may be one of the reasons why Mark Brooks, in a great blog post, states that “Giving as a percentage of Americans’ incomes to the church has fallen from 3.11% to 2.38%.”

With that in mind, let’s ask some hard questions.

  • What about people who are out town?
  • What about people who are serving in your children’s ministry?
  • What about people who are sick?
  • What about people who have moved, but still consider your church their home?
  • What about people who forgot their checkbooks?
  • What about people who don’t carry cash?


The first time I thought about these questions, I was like…


I’m a big Kramer fan, by the way (his official Seinfeld name is Cosmo Kramer in case you were wondering).

The #1 thing that can boost people’s ability to give…

Online giving.

Here’s the giving opportunity it presents for people who call your church home:


Let that sink in for a minute.

Let’s Talk Digital

Over the last 10 years, research has shown a major decline in the use of cash. Just 50 years ago, cash accounted for 80 percent of domestic transactions. Today, that number is barely at 50 percent. Checks have fared even worse. That’s probably not surprising news to you.

But this probably is: cash and checks are still the main two ways people ask for tithes and offerings.

Churches, we have to make it easy for people to give. We have to get in the online game.

An online giving system, however, isn’t exactly the cure-all. I’ve seen some websites that require a doctorate-level degree to navigate. You have to click 10 times before you get to the actual donation page. Then you have to create an online account. Sometimes you also have to then activate that account in order to give. It makes me tired just thinking about it!

In 2012, Mitt Romney ran against President Obama in one of the most publicized elections in the history of the world. My team and I did some research that year. We got on both candidates’ websites to see which one made it easiest to donate money. This isn’t a political plug, but President Obama’s site was significantly easier to navigate. It took us 74 seconds to give on his page. Mitt Romney’s page took us 20 seconds longer. It came as no surprise to us that the person with the easier website raised more money for his campaign.

We looked at church websites, too. In fact, we donated money to 100 churches. The average online giving time was three minutes. That’s too long.

Website Audit

Want to instantly find out how effective your website is in the digital giving arena? We’ve created a simple tool to help you. Take this resource and get on your church’s website right now.

Blog/DigitalGivingAudit.pdf. I’ll also attach two of the main pages in case the file doesn’t open on your device:


More Than Just A Website

There’s a difference between offering digital giving and emphasizing digital giving. It can’t just be a thing you have. It has to be something you strategically talk about.

At some point, you will feel like you’re talking about it too much. You’re not. Your church doesn’t think about it as much as you do.

The next step is choosing an online giving provider. Most software solutions are an expense. They were created by software developers who don’t know what people in the church need and will actually use.

Maybe you want a simple plan for digital giving. Maybe you’re tired of complexity. If that’s the case, then you understand the importance of simplicity. Now put yourself in the shoes of your congregation: they want the same thing. Maybe the success of your budget depends on how easy you make it for them to give. Don’t worry, we will help you every step of the way.

In fact…

That’s why we created Rocket Donations.

We wanted you have a partner. An investment. A solution.

Not just a software.

For some time, The Rocket Company has educated church leaders on digital giving.

As a matter of fact, we even make a digital giving recommendation within Giving Rocket.

We no longer just recommend digital giving. We provide it.

Our service is going to revolutionize the way churches do digital giving.

Our promise: We will increase giving in your church.


We are offering the first and only combination of technology and world class coaching in one package.

We realized quickly that technology alone is NOT what increases your giving. You need more.

Five ways that we promise more money for ministry.

  1. A campaign to raise the flag of digital giving in a vision-inspired way.
  1. Practical, done-for-you resources that you can use immediately
  1. Expert coaching from church leaders in the trenches.
  1. An interactive community of real human beings.
  1. And yes, software that is SIMPLE, ELEGANT, BEAUTIFUL, and EASY to use.

Increased money in your church bank account thanks to online, recurring tithes—this could change your church’s financial future.


Take a look at our five-point pledge below, and