Sermon Systems That Save Your Schedule

We’ve talked to pastors of small to mid-size churches would give their right arms to know the sermon systems that leaders of fast-growing churches use to get ahead and stay ahead of their Sunday schedule.

So we recently asked Gavin Adams to share with pastors just like you the secrets to delivering great sermons while making time for other things in your life.

Things like ministry, family, health, hobbies, and friends.

Watch the video for yourself! (The notes are below.)


How to Save Time and Still Deliver Great Sermons

Sermons Take a Lot of Time.

Time to:

  • Ideate…
  • Study…
  • Write…
  • Rewrite… rewrite… and rewrite…
  • Internalize…
  • Rehearse …

You get great sermons through great systems. Yes, sermon systems.

Necessary Systems include:

  • Idea systems
  • Content systems
  • Preparation systems.

Sermon Systems 1: Idea Systems.

Ideas are everywhere.

The secret is having a system to collect ideas.

Good ideas solve a problem, answer a question, or unveil a mystery.

Good ideas don’t necessarily have to be your ideas.

Idea systems help us save time by identifying great ideas quickly and saving them simply.

Sermon Systems 2: Content Systems.

Great content must be true, insightful, and helpful.

Start by asking great questions:

  1. What’s the one thing I want them to know?
  2. What do I want them to do?
  3. How can I help them remember?

Build an Outline Journey:

  1. Introduction
  2. Tension
  3. Truth
  4. Application
  5. Conclusion

Content systems help us save time by starting with the end in mind and using a simple outline as a journey.

Sermon Systems 3: Preparation Systems.

It takes hard work to make it look easy.

The System of Preparation:

  1. Block and protect time
  2. Internalize as you revise
  3. Rehearse without notes
  4. Be ready before Saturday

Preparation systems help us save time by making hard work quick work.

Great ideas, content, and preparation allows you to communicate with people, not to people.

Are you ready to save 16-20 each week for a month?

Most pastors are overworked and unable to get everything done on their ministry’s to-do list and still have sufficient time to work on their sermons.

This isn’t just every pastor’s problem. It’s your problem … and you know you need some help.
So, what would you do with 16-20 extra hours per week?
  • Spend more time exercising?
  • Go to the movies with your spouse?
  • Shopping?
  • Fishing?
  • Spend time with kids or other people you love?

Learn more about a very practical resource that will help you preach great sermons while putting sanity back into your schedule!