With Safety So Much In the News Lately

With safety so much in the news lately, how do you prevent your church from becoming the next news headline?

Well that was the subject of a webinar that I created a little more than a year ago. Church safety.

And guess what? The issue of church safety, and safety in general, is no less a concern in our culture now than it was a year ago.

When it comes to facing the safety and security issues in our church, we as church leaders can have one of two reactions. We can either cower in fear or stick our heads in the sand. But neither of those addresses the issues of compliance and best practices when it comes to safety.

These are just a few of the immediate areas of ministry effected by safety concerns:

  • Children/daycare
  • Volunteers
  • Staff members
  • the Sunday service
  • the Parking lot
  • Finances/management

If one major thing goes wrong in any one of those areas, it could spell disaster for your church. Consider these headlines.

Or even this one:

Or what about this (notice it’s going federal):

Point is, these are things that can’t be ignored. Especially if it were to happen in your church.

Did you know that when it comes to church safety and security that you must think up the worst-case scenario? That’s right. And you do that because you have to prepare against it. It’s the only way.

Let’s face it though. No church pastor or leader wants to think about something happening to their church. Be it:

  • Church shooter
  • Volunteer incident with a child
  • Staff member who violates a trust

None of it is good. None. And while we may not want to think about any of those scenarios, that doesn’t exempt any one of us from the job of preparing ourselves, our staff, our volunteers, and our people appropriately.

It’s not a should. It’s a must.

Watch the video above. Yes, it’s about an hour long. But yes, it’s a worthwhile investment of your time. Get your key leaders to watch it, too. It’s a dangerous world out there. And we all need to make sure our churches are prepared.