What the Church is (re)Discovering about Disciple-Making by Jake Dukes

What the church is (re)discovering about disciple-making … and how that can impact your church, too.

Here are 5 topics about disciple-making you cannot ignore.

Disciple-making prioritizes reaching the lost.

  • Jesus was focused on the lost

  • If we are serious about the lost our discipleship will take us outside the church

  • God loves to shower His love on the lost

Disciple-making emphasizes life in the spirit.

  • Jesus said that it was better for him to leave because he was sending the Spirit
  • What is God up to in my life?
  • How am I aware of God’s presence?
  • Disciple making is equipping people to use their spiritual gifts
  • The drastic shift in the demeanor of the disciples after Pentecost was the reality of the Spirit of God in their lives

Disciple-making isn’t for “experts”

  • The disciples were unlearned men

  • People will disconnect if we get too technical

  • We need to find a simple approach to discipleship

  • Engage in the disciplined pursuit of less complexity

  • Start with the idea of spiritual friendship

Disciple-making happens best in community.

  • Jesus did not leave behind a book, a creed, a system of thought or a rule of life, but a visible community
  • We need one another to grow spiritually
  • We need to redefine what it means to be in a group
  • We need to equip strong leaders who live out the life of Jesus
  • Our groups need to be inward, outward and upward focused

Disciple-making is evidenced by acting on truth.

  • Obedience is the focus of the New Testament
  • The great commission ends with obeying the words of Jesus
  • It’s easy to regurgitate truth much more difficult to act rightly in difficult situations
  • The true test of discipleship is a crisis of faith

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