10 Steps To A Baptism Video

In church, we often make the mistake of telling people the truth without communicating it through a real-life story or example that could impact a person’s life.

Telling someone God can change their life is never as powerful as showing them a changed life.

One of the best ways to do that? A story.

Think about it…

The Bible is a collection of books that tell stories of the faithfulness of God. We hold the example in our hands every day. The Bible is full of stories that engage us as we read.

Your congregation is a collection of stories of the faithfulness of God. Think of the faces in your church. Many of them are walking examples of the life-changing truth of Jesus Christ.

Stories touch emotions. They offer hope. They inspire change. They remind us that we’re not alone.



Baptism Videos

One of the things we talk about in Service Rocket is baptism stories are one of my favorite things in church. They are perfect of God’s ability to redeem a life. And they are told through the perspective of the person who went through it. To top it off, we get to celebrate what God has done immediately after their story because they get baptized.

The reason why video is great is because it helps from a time perspective, and you can control how it fits into your service planning. We’ve been doing baptism videos for years. If you’ve never used video to highlight someone’s story before baptism, I highly encourage it. Not only can you plan effectively because you know how much time the video takes, you can shoot the video in such a way that ensures that you capture the same emotion on camera as you would in person.


10 Steps To A Baptism Video

1. Have a place for people to express interest in getting baptized

  • Whether you have a volunteer at an information table with a paper application or a link on your church website with an electronic application, you need to have a predetermined place where people can show interest in getting baptized. This application should include…
    • A brief overview of what the baptism process looks like.
    • A quick explanation of what they can expect if they decide to move forward.
    • A place for them to briefly explain why they want to be baptized.
    • A place for them to give you their contact information so you can communicate the next steps.

2. Schedule an interview

  • Once they’ve shown interest, the next step is to schedule an interview where you can hear their story and discover if they’re ready to be baptized. This is the most vital part! Using the contact information they gave you in the application, connect with them and plan a time to either meet in person or talk on the phone.

3. Conduct the interview

  • During your interview, ask questions to get a clear picture of their story and walk with God:
    • How did you come to know Jesus?
    • What does your relationship with Jesus look like now?
    • If a friend asked you to explain why you are getting baptized, what would say to them?
    • In your mind, what is the purpose of baptism?
  • The end of the interview could go one of two ways:
    • You feel that they are ready to be baptized. At that point you will ask them to begin writing out their testimony. Let them know that they will be filming it, so their testimony cannot be longer than 1.5 minutes. Tell them to look out for emails about upcoming dates for their filming and actual baptism.
    • You feel they are not ready to be baptized. If it’s obvious they have an unclear view of salvation, feel free to talk about it. See if the conversation will lead to more clarity. Then, thank them so much for meeting with you and ask if they’d be willing get back together soon and continue the discussion. Close the meeting by praying for them.

4. Schedule baptism filming

  • Pick a date that works to do their baptism in the worship service.
  • Schedule a video shoot with a video person (even if the “video person” is you filming it on your iPhone). Give enough time to edit the video before their selected baptism date.

5. Prep baptism filming

  • Email the person getting baptized to let them know about their upcoming filming date and baptism date. Review their testimony to make sure it’s clear. Encourage them to go over their testimony several times so that when they sit in front of the camera, they already have a plan. Encourage them—assure them that they’re going to do great!

6. Film the video

  • When they arrive, explain what the filming process will look like. Again, assure them that everything will be great. Tell them that that if they don’t like a take, they can film it again—that’s the beauty of video! Pray with them before they begin. Afterwards, thank them profusely and remind them of their baptism date.

7. Edit the video

  • Communicate with the person who is editing the video. Give them a deadline several days in advance of the live baptism. Make sure you’re both clear on how the video will be delivered to you (what will you use to play the video?). Thank them for their time and work.

8. Prepare for baptism

  • Think through baptism day from beginning to end. As you do, make notes on everything that you’ll need. Think through things like…
    • Will there be reserved seating for family and friends?
    • What’s needed to logistically pull off the baptism? (Towels, mats, etc.)
    • What will you do for post-baptism celebration?
    • Will you order food? If so, how much?
    • Will there be any slides/graphics as people walk in?

9. Communicate details to prep for baptism day

  • Reach out to the person getting baptized and let them know what time they need to be at church on baptism day. Also, let them know what the day will look like and what they need to bring (towel, specific change of clothes, etc.). Give them specifics on what to communicate to friends and family who attend (what time to arrive, where to sit, what happens afterwards, etc.)

10. Baptism day

  • Today is all about making sure everything you’ve planned is in its proper place. Your job is to simply stay one step ahead.
    • Make sure the baptism videos have been tested from beginning to end.
    • Make your baptismal pool is ready.
    • Make sure seating is reserved (if you made that an option).
    • Make sure items for the post-baptism celebration are ready.
    • Have a time when you talk through the day with people being baptized.
    • Pray together.
    • Have an awesome celebration!


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