11 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Catalyst 2013: Priscilla Shirer

In our effort to help churches succeed, The Rocket Company will be live

blogging from this week’s Catalyst Conference.  Catalyst regular Priscilla Shirer

continued the 2nd day’s initial session.  The following are 11 Leadership Quotes And

Lessons from her great message.

  1. People are put in environments so they can receive what they are asking for.
  2. People throw temper tamtrums when they are put in places they don’t want to be.
  3. If you’re like me you know how far you have to go to become the person God’s want you to be.
  4. Patience has to be honed over time.
  5. You cannot wear God out.  He does not need a nap before handling the issues of our life.
  6. There has never been a time in church history in which 15,000 young leaders could be called together to study God’s Word.
  7. We’re blessed to live in this day and generation.
  8. If you think it’s a miracle you were born, think about how much more it is a miracle you were born again.  Since the beginning of time there has been a war for your soul.
  9. God has a never patience that not only can He save you, He can change you.
  10. The Holy Spirit’s job description is to make us look more like Jesus.
  11. People get excited about treasure that is already yours.  This conference is not about getting more treasure but about opening the drawer and getting the treasure that is already yours.

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