12 Steps To A Better Worship Service This Week

Todd Fields cares about church services. In fact, he’s passionate about helping churches engage and reach more people through their weekend services.

Bottom line: he wants you to be proud of what you do. It’s as if he’s telling us…



Here are 12 steps to a better worship service from Todd’s recent training on removing roadblocks from your worship service.

  1. Choose worship songs that people ask FOR and ask ABOUT
  2. Have people on stage who operate in their gifting (“When the load is light, the feel is right”)
  3. Bring new energy through a new song
  4. Connect with thinkers intellectually and with feelers emotionally
  5. Learn to identify powerful MOMENTS
  6. Pastors and worship leaders should get together and pray/dream
  7. Don’t have too many songs in your worship playlist
  8. Don’t have people on stage who aren’t gifted or humble
  9. Avoid choosing too many new songs
  10. Shelf old and stale songs (with the exception of hymns)
  11. Pastors, don’t blame your worship leaders and worship leaders, don’t blame your pastor…COMMUNICATE
  12. Take adequate time to recharge. Burned out worship leaders and staff don’t do anyone any good.

Good stuff, huh?

Hakuna Matata!