12 Ways to Use Social Media to Connect with Your Congregation this Christmas

We’ve put together twelve easy and practical ways for you to engage with people through Facebook and Twitter. These done-for-you activities will help you start faith conversations and build up folks.  Pick one or two of them and connect with your congregation this Christ.as

  1. Copy and paste the lyrics of your favorite Christmas song on Facebook and ask others which is their favorite song of the season.
  2. Tweet and Facebook a picture of a wrapped present with the copy: “Guess what’s inside? Whoever guesses it (or comes close), wins!” Ship it to the winner. Here’s some ideas for the present: a nativity set, tree topper, ornament, Starbucks gift certificate.
  3. Invite people on Twitter and Facebook to volunteer with you this month to help people in your community. Share what you are going to do and ask them to share what they are going to do. You could sign up at a soup kitchen, ring a Salvation Army bell, serve meals in a homeless shelter, buy gifts for those in need or pay someone’s electrical bill.
  4. Post a photo of you celebrating Christmas as a child and share a holiday memory you have from that time in your life. Ask others to post a photo and share a memory.
  5. The Christmas season can be stressful. Tweet and Facebook an invite to send you a private message if they want prayer. Reply with a private typed out prayer from your heart for them.
  6. Challenge your followers on Twitter and fans on Facebook to find and take a picture of the ugliest Christmas sweater they’ve ever seen and post it.
  7. Tweet and Facebook the following question: “Do you remember what you asked Santa to bring you for Christmas as a child?” Share what you asked for with them.
  8. Briefly share why God’s gift of Jesus Christ changed your life. Ask your friends and followers to share an event that changed their lives forever.
  9. Post a picture of something that is symbolic within your church. It could be the cross, your baptistery, the piano, the pews or the front door. Explain why it’s significant. Ask your friends and followers to post items that are special to them this time of year.
  10. Tweet and Facebook the following question: “What is the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received?” Be sure to share your answer.
  11. Pick an annual event in your city. Perhaps, it’s the local Christmas parade or a celebration of the season. Tweet and Facebook that you’ll be there and would love to meet as a group to enjoy the event together.
  12. Share the following video on Twitter and Facebook: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKk9rv2hUfA. Few explain the meaning of Christmas better than Linus.