13 Leadership Quotes From Lessons From Catalyst Labs: Lysa TerKeurst

In our effort to help churches succeed, The Rocket Company will be live

blogging from this week’s Catalyst Conference.  As you know, the Catalyst team puts

on a series of labs on Wednesday prior to the main sessions beginning on Thursday.  The

following are 13 leadership quotes and lessons from this afternoon’s peaker, Lysa 

TerKeurst, best-selling author and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries.

  1. As a leader there are times everyone is looking at you and you don’t have the answers.
  2. We can learn more from the epic failures of momentum rather than the great successes.
  3. In churches, sometimes different departments become competitors Who are we?  What part of the vision do you own?
  4. competing for the same budget dollars.
  5. As president of my organization I needed to own momentum.  It fits who I am.
  6. Fuel is the dollars of your organization.  It’s what we’ve got to put in the engine to make the whole thing go.
  7. God has developed my character to match my calling.  Who benefits the most from our ministry?  Me.
  8. What do you offer?
  9. Everyone offers exactly the same thing – Value.
  10. If you’re bored with writing a description what makes you think people are excited about reading it.
  11. How to write value statements – Start with an action word, then Build Tension, and Give A Positive Resolution.
  12. How are we different?
  13. Make a goal.  Double it and that’s a dream.

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