15 Good Friday Leadership Lessons

There are times when you write a post about a subject that you are completely inadequate to address.  Discussing the implications of Good Friday and the price Jesus paid for our sins is one of those times.

Frankly, all the books ever written (Bible excluded) collectively only scratch the meaning of the crucifixion.  In that light, the following are some leadership thoughts I have heading into this weekend.  I would like to thank Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion Of The Christ and a message from John Maxwell for the inspiration of my thoughts.

When you watch the movie, as Pontius Pilate was washing his hands of the execution of Jesus, Jesus was reflecting on washing His disciple’s feet.  The leadership lesson is straight forward – Leaders either wash hands or they feet.

Here are some contrasts of their two leadership styles:

  1.     One leader served others.  One served himself.
  2.     One leader led the crowd.  One followed it.
  3.     One leader made hard decisions.  One made expedient ones.
  4.     One leader was making an eternal impact.  One was interested in being popular.
  5.     One leader was confident.  One was insecure.
  6.     One leader had courage.  One had cowardice.
  7.     One leader was generous.  One was greedy.
  8.     One leader stood alone.  One leader was alone.
  9.     One leader was committed to long-term vision.  One was committed to short-term success.
  10.     One leader took ownership. One did not want responsibility.
  11.     One leader was making it possible for His followers to reach their full potential.  One put lids on his.
  12.     One leader gave up His position.  One protected his.
  13.     One leader died for His followers.  One cared only for himself.
  14.     One leader did it all for you and me.  One did it for himself.
  15.     One leader is worth following.  One is not.

Which leader will you follow this Easter season?  And now internalize the question – Are you a leader who washes hands or one who washes feet?

Also, feel free to comment on what Good Friday means to you.