19 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Exponential ’13: Derwin Gray

On October 29th, The Rocket Company will be putting on a FREE online called Get More 

Volunteers.  The purpose of this event is to learn from great church leaders like Perry Noble

and Chris Hodges how to gain, train, and retain volunteers.  Another one of our speakers is

the senior pastor of Transformation Church Derwin Gray.  Derwin is an incredible leader

and spoke at today’s Exponential Conference.  The following are 19 leadership quotes and

lessons from his session.

  1. Four years ago I sat in Exponential and had a holy discontent to plant a church.
  2. The greatest discipleshift that ever occurs happens in the lives of point leaders.
  3. The shift must be from “my story” to “His story”.
  4. I had no idea 700 people don’t show up to a church plant…My executive pastor came up after our first service, tears coming down his face, and said, “Pastor, we had 701 people.”
  5. It is His story for His glory.
  6. God is longing for His people to pray prayers that only He can get credit for.
  7. If we fail it is going to epic.  There is going to be carnage because what we’re attempting to accomplish can only be accomplished by Him.
  8. Jesus’s goal is not to fix our lives.  His goal is for us to have the occupation of intoxication with Him.
  9. God is attracted to brokenness.
  10. Jesus isn’t interested in fixing our lives.  He is interested in being our lives.
  11. We need to shift from programmatic discipleship.
  12. As a football player, I learned to watch the veterans and do what they do.  All of life is discipleship.
  13. Generosity.  The deeper you are in God’s grace the deeper you should dig into your pockets.
  14. If you want your people to bleed generosity, you must hemorrhage.
  15. I do a lot of my work in Starbuck’s because that is the modern-day Jacob’s Well.
  16. In the last 3 years, about 2,000 people (at Transformation Church) have come to faith in Jesus.
  17. I’m a football player.  We just make the most of Jesus.
  18. 95% of American churches are not growing by organic growth.  It breaks my heart because it’s about the glory of Jesus.
  19. The last time I checked that tomb is empty.  He is risen.