29 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From The Catalyst Labs: Dr. Henry Cloud

In our effort to help churches succeed, The Rocket Company will be live

blogging from this week’s Catalyst Conference.  As you know, the Catalyst team puts

on a series of labs on Wednesday prior to the main sessions beginning on Thursday.  The

following are 25 leadership quotes and lessons from the lab’s opening speaker,

Dr. Henry Cloud.  Incredible applications for all leaders.

  1. My mission statement was “How The Bible can make you well and not crazy.”
  2. Leaders learn leadership and then they go out into reality and what they find is, “All this stuff I knew and I learned now I have to do it.”
  3. There is a difference in learning something and knowing something…There is often a gap in what I learned and what I have to deliver.
  4. The worst thing we can die with, ever, is potential.
  5. What you learn from some Christians is identity is a proposition.
  6. God has secured a calling for you in leadership…We have an identity of a future reality.
  7. Our identity is something that’s got to be realized and understand cognitively and known in your heart, mind, soul, and strength.

Boundary #1 For Finding Your Identity As A Leader – Attention

  1. People with visions that are written down are 80-90% more apt to bring it to pass.
  2. Do we know what we’re about?  What do I need to do?
  3. If everything is important, nothing is important.
  4. Structures and rules aren’t made bad.  They’re made for you, not you for them.
  5. People do their best when they’re doing what they’re good at.

Boundary #2 For Finding Your Identity As A Leader – Positive Emotional


  1. If you traumatize it, put it under threat, it shuts down thinking and creativity and turns up the juice on reacting.
  2. You will never form your identity unless you are in an environment of grace and truth.
  3. Absence of entitlement brings guilt because you get put down from where you are.
  4. God only finds fault, not with the ones who fail, but the ones who get off the past and deny him.
  5. Having grace before you need it means when you fail this week you will fall into the arms of grace.

Boundary #3 For Finding Your Identity As A Leader – Relational

  1. The brain runs on three ingredients – oxygen, glucose, and relationship. 

Boundary #4 For Finding Your Identity As A Leader – Control

  1.  Control freaks is part of the human design.  The brain loves having control.
  2. You were designed to be a control freak over one thing – yourself.
  3. We just worry about everything in life we can’t control.
  4. Teams that win the Super Bowl do three things – Lowest Turnover, Lowest Penalties, and Special Teams.
  5. You have control on living out your gifts, asking for help….activities that are internal and interpersonal.

Finally Dr. Cloud added the #1 factor in whether you can accomplish a goal or not is the

belief that you can.

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