3 Epic Blogs On Leading Worship Well

There are a lot of great worship leaders out there.

Some are people you know because of their notoriety (and I guess you could say, fame).

Others are unknown. But they’re pouring out their hearts and leading people towards their Creator with excellence week after week.

The myth of growing in ministry is that you have to learn from experts. Sometimes, that’s true. Experts have gained that title for a reason! But more often than not, we learn the most from other people who are doing the same things we are week after week.

In those learning moments, here’s what I’ve noticed…

We often learn more from small tips than we do big, life-altering truths.

That’s the basis of this blog: to compile 3 great blogs that share 6 tips on leading worship.

The goal is that you’ll walk away from this blog—scratch that, these blogs—with 2-3 things that will really make a difference in your worship-leading.

For the sake of word count, I’ve highlighted one point from each of these blogs…

But do yourself a favor and read each blog in its entirety! I PROMISE you’ll be glad that you did!

ONE: 6 Ways To Engage Your Congregation In Worship.

By Todd Fields

There are a lot of incredible tips in this blog by Todd Fields,

But his first point is spot on…

Know your audience.

The more we become students of our audience the better we’ll be able to lead them. What struggles might they be facing? What did they walk into the room with?

Those two questions are solid gold!

Check out the rest of his incredible tips here…


TWO: 10 Things I’ve Learned About Worship Leading.

By Taya Smith

There are so many things I love about this blog post that it’s difficult to highlight just one.

But I’ll give it a shot!

Smith has so many heart and spirit-related tips, that I hesitate to highlight a point that is so practical.

But it’s the main one that stood out to me…

Run your song list by someone else.

I always get a second eye to look over my list, just to make sure it’s the strongest and most relevant it can be. This can mean you may need to tailor a song list to a specific service and then tweak it slightly for the next one.

Good stuff!

Learn more from her 10 things by clicking the link below!


THREE: 5 Tips For Leading Worship Well.

By Yancy Richmond

I love this Orange Leaders blog by Yancy Richmond!

But one point in particular caught my attention…

Be a great worshiper off stage.

Here’s what Yancy said…

I’m conscious of the fact that I can’t only be a great worshiper when I’m the leader. I need to be a great worshiper period. The fact that at times I’m the one leading the worship is part of it but it doesn’t replace my own personal heart and need for giving praise to God. In addition to my personal relationship of worshiping God, I remember the “sow and reap” principle. If I want others to join in and participate with me when I’m the leader, then when I’m being led I need to join in and participate. It doesn’t matter who is leading you or if your talent surpasses theirs. Worship and participate how you would want others to participate when you’re the leader. There is a spiritual principle there that you will gain from, so dive in. Be the first one to get engaged!

Wow. That’s incredible!

Read the full blog right here!


Take a look at these blogs and look for common themes. Go through them with your worship team/musicians.

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