3 Ways to Make Giving Exciting

Do you ever want to add some creativity to the way your members give? With all of the buzz about crowdfunding and texting services that allow for instant giving, there are plenty of ways to keep members engaged and interested in continuing to give.


Host an Event

Once a year, community and church members can attend a block-party-style event that can include games, live entertainment, art projects for kids, a raffle, and other engaging activities. By finding business or community sponsors, your church can benefit from the proceeds of raffle tickets or purchasing a plate of food. This not only helps you bring in some extra revenue, but it exposes your church to new community members and builds the social fabric of your church and greater community.

Raise Funds for a Project

If you knew your funds were going directly to a tangible, real-life project, you would likely feel more compelled to give. In general, people are way more excited to give to physical things as opposed to operating costs. Can your church partner with a non-profit housing provider or help with a public art project? Not only does this get your members excited to see something come to life, but it also can create some publicity and shows the greater community that you are contributing to its growth as well.

Allow for Monthly Electronic Contributions

Make giving more convenient for your members by setting up an auto-pay option. This option has been around for a while, but make sure you find a way to make tithing easy! With auto-pay likely comes a whole new wave of ways to communicate with your members as well in the digital world. You can send your members an email with options to donate $20 for care packages or increase giving by 5% to cover a new childcare facility being built. As long as it’s easy for users to navigate, online giving is a great option.


Monthly giving is a big part of your church function. We have the strategies and tactics to take your contributions to the next level.