3 Ways Volunteer Development Engages Church Members

So many church leaders face a crisis when it comes to volunteer development. Many good-intentioned church members graciously promise their time for events or staffing, but life gets the best of them and their dedication wanes. Or maybe you find yourself depending on the same core group, week after week and season after season. You don’t want to burn out those who care, or exclude new members from stepping up.

It’s wonderful that these people are willing to donate their time, but maybe we are chasing the dog’s tail a bit when it comes to depending on those who are already engaged in the church community. In other words, why chase down and make demands on the people who already attend service each Sunday? Volunteering shouldn’t be a duty. It should be a joyful, community building experience. 

So, why not use volunteering as a recruitment tool that increases engagement and builds community?


Survey the territory

When new members come to your place of worship, encourage them to fill out a survey about their interests and talents. This is a great way to make introductions as well if someone is new to the church.

Use a data system

Keep this survey information in a data system. When a need for a particular skill or talent arises, reach out via email or message to the church member who has already expressed interest.

Keep it personal

Instead of generic blasts requesting help or assistance, tailoring a personal message to an individual, even if that individual has only attended service once, shows that you value that individual’s talents and believe they are essential to building a strong community.

In short, developing a database of potential volunteers allows you to nurture and develop each church member in a personalized way. And nothing engages others more than a personal touch.