5 Powerful Stories of Generosity During Easter

Part of the Giving Rocket Core Coaching program is developing a system that takes advantage of big days and events.  And there is no bigger day than in the life of a church than Easter!

Utilizing big days is a perfect time to unleash generosity because people respond to deadlines.  Big days move donors forward.  They build momentum and margin faster than anything else.  Big days are special and unchurched people feel better about themselves because they gave to a cause.
Recently, we asked a number of Giving Rocket customers to share the results and experiences of their Easter Offering.  We were blown away by the responses we received.  The following are just some of the stories we heard:
“We had a wonderful attendance, wonderful worship programming, and our Easter offering has exceeded our goal of $15,000.  To date we have collected in excess of $17,000 and all of the giving has not been tabulated yet…Giving Rocket Rocks.” – Senior Pastor Wayne Lomax of The Fountain
“Blown away….record attendance again, over 1,000 and the Easter offering so far has been over $20,000 and still coming in…..Thanks for your coaching.  We are very humbled at what God is doing here in this little city.” – Marcus Avalos of Crossroads Church
“Our Easter Offering was awesome!  We tweaked the model a little to fit our culture and church and was able to raise over $7,000 in addition to our normal offering.  The best part though was watching so many people walk forward with their Easter Offering envelopes and place them at the alter…it was powerful. Thanks for all you are doing in Giving Rocket!” – Lead Pastor Nic Smith of GCP Church
“We did our first ever Easter offering and followed the Giving Rocket plan.  It worked perfectly.  We set a goal for $4,000 and as of today have over $5,000 with money still coming in!  This covers our objective and more!  We’re very excited!” – Bobby Williams of Ridge Community Church
And finally, Jeff Benefield of Chestnut Mountain Church wrote, “How did God show up? Huge!!!  We had over 1300 people!  Up 50% from a normal week.  Approximately 30 people said yes to Jesus to be saved.  Our budget offering was $44,000…Our Easter Offering Goal was $45,000. So far we have received $53,439.  I’m fired up!”
Jeff, so are we after reading these comments!
Pastors and church leaders, the next big event offering for your church should be this Fall.  To assist you in that effort, we have designed a complete Done-For-You system with How-To content called Thrive.
Thrive is a 120-day campaign that is perfect for special projects and denominational annual pledge drives.  This campaign resource includes sermon outlines, campaign calendars, promotional emails and letters, a complete graphics kit, bumper videos, and more.  Everything you need.
If you want like to know more about how Thrive can unleash generosity at your church, simply click here (store link).