5 Tips on Finding Your Own Voice

One of the Preaching Rocket core values is: Stop Downloading Sermons and Preach You’re Own.

The reason we’re passionate about this is because we know that God has given you a unique voice and life experiences to share with others.  We want every preacher we work with to find their own voice.  Here are five tips to do just that:

1.  Find your preparation rhythm.  The great news is that you have a unique voice. The challenging news is that it will take discipline to find it.  The more you prepare for your own sermons the more you will find your own voice. What does your preparation process look like? The Preaching Rocket Core Coaching Program will teach how to get five days ahead in your sermon planning process. Not only does this help make the sermon better it helps you find your own voice.

2. Be a good steward of your life story. We all have unique stories.  These stories have not only defined us but they help us find our own voice.  Often though, we discount our stories because they aren’t dramatic enough or we have simply forgotten them.  Many of us need to be better stewards of these stories by remembering or recalling them.  Here are three questions that could help you recall just a few of your stories:

  1. What was your greatest fear your freshman year of high school?
  2. What was your first job and what did you learn from it?
  3. Who are the top five influential people in your life and why?

These three simple questions will help stir up some memories and sermon illustrations that you and only you have.

3. Watch or listen to yourself preach.  I would rather get a root canal than watch or listen to myself give a talk.  Yet, it is still the best way to improve as a preacher and presenter. It also helps you find your own voice because you spend more time studying your delivery than someone else’s.

4.  What’s your burden?   As Dr. Charles Stanley says, “Until you find your burden for the sermon you aren’t ready to preach.”  As you look around at this broken world, what is your burden, or as Bill Hybels says, “What is your holy discontent?”

5.  Ask for help.  Get Preaching Rocket Core Coaching. We can help you.  Or, if not that, ask trusted people to give you feedback, have a team help you with sermon planning and begin to block your calendar to reflect your preparation rhythm.  You aren’t required to do this alone.