6 Questions Jud Wilhite Answers About Preaching

Preaching Rocket coach Jeff Henderson spoke with Jud Wilhite, pastor of Central Christian Church in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The subject was preaching.

  1. As a pastor, how do you make sure you’re talking to everyone in your audience?
  2. The # pain for preachers seems to be preparation … How do you get ahead?
  3. What tweaks do you make between services?
  4. What do you try to do in the first part of your message?
  5. How do you deal with critics?
  6. What would you like to say to pastors who are in a valley season right now?

Watch the 6-minute video above to get his answers. In this casual but pointed conversation with Jeff, Jud shares some interesting insights including …

  • What he thinks about casting a wide net when it comes to his preaching and what “felt needs” have to do with his sermon planning.
  • What a live audience does to his approach to sermon preparation.
  • What he asks his preaching team to get the most helpful feedback on what worked, and what didn’t work about his sermon.
  • What he tries to do in his sermon’s introduction, and the unique challenges of preaching in his specific environment.
  • How he uses “humanness” to connect with his audience before jumping into the Bible.
  • What he tries to do differently, sermon-wise, when given the chance …
  • How sometimes the critics’ identities are very revealing of their criticism …

“Momentum is a great exaggerator,” Wilhite states. “You’re not as good as people think you are when it’s going well, and you’re not as bad as people think you are when it’s going poorly.”

“This is a gift that God has given me and you. This is his gift. It’s his deal.”

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