9 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Catalyst 2013: John Piper

In our effort to help churches succeed, The Rocket Company will be live

blogging from this week’s Catalyst Conference.  The next speaker was John Piper.

He is simply one of the smartest Christian leaders around.  The following are 9 Leadership

Quotes And Lessons from his insightful session.

  1. The biblical answer to the question of human identity – a human being is a creature of God with a nature designed by God to consciously display God’s greatest and His beauty and His worth.
  2. My fundamental is I am designed by God to display God’s identity.
  3. Images are designed to image…Why did God erect 7 billion images of Himself on the planet?  The simple answer is to draw attention to Himself.
  4. My basic identity is to glorify God by enjoying God.
  5. God is not glorified when people are not satisfied in Him.
  6. My ideas, your ideas, mean nothing to me.  God’s ideas mean everything to me.
  7. The Bible teaches that pastors should work for the joy of their people for God.  I’ve got to kill their destructive love affair with the world.
  8. They tasted My (Jesus) water and spit it out.  That is the nature of evil.
  9. When I say “I would rather do nothing else but be with you (his wife), she is honored.  And so is God.

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