Preach Like Lebron James

Lebron James.


Do you ever wish you had his yearly salary?

How about for just one day?

Yeah, me too. I’d also take his athletic ability, strength, speed, and headband collection.

But enough about that.

The truth is, preaching like Lebron plays basketball would be a good thing, right?


I mean, he’s one of the best at his craft. If you could have his talents and transfer them to the art of crafting sermons, you’d take them immediately!

Pause there for one second. Or, to continue the basketball analogy, let’s call time-out.

Like a lot of people, I’ve followed Lebron throughout his career. I remember watching him and Chris Paul in the 2003 McDonald’s High School All American Game.


We could all tell he was a special talent back then. He had 27 points, 7 assists, and 7 rebounds. His team won, and he took home the MVP trophy.

Not bad.

When he skipped college and moved straight to the NBA, he didn’t skip a beat. He’s won two NBA championships and four MVP trophies, just to name a few of his accolades.

But here’s what I’ve noticed. Even with the NBA titles and league MVP awards, something is true of Lebron…

He struggles when he’s carrying the load all by himself.

Well, he doesn’t struggle. But the outcome he desires suffers.

In three of James’ NBA Finals appearances, he played with supporting casts that were ranked in the bottom 10% in NBA Finals history.

James stepped up. But his teams failed to win all three of those series.

My point in all of this?

It’s hard to win when you’re a one-man team.

Do you ever feel that way?

Not in an arrogant way, like you’re the only person with talent…

But in an overwhelmed way.

You’ve been there. Sitting in your office, at your desk at home, or at Starbucks…

All alone, desperately trying to write a sermon that will help people.


It’s a lonely feeling sometimes.

Let’s talk about a change.

Let’s breathe some life into this situation.

Not that you’ll never have to prepare a sermon by yourself again…

You will…

But that you don’t have to feel like you’re a one-man team.

The good news for you is, your situation doesn’t require a GM paying millions of dollars to pick up diva free agents in the off-season.

You can get help from volunteers. Friends. For that matter, even people who work at other churches.

You need a team to help with the planning.

One of the things we’re going to talk about at Preach Better Sermons is building a team to help with the sermon planning.

Sermon prep timeline

Imagine if you could walk out of planning meetings with rough, big-picture outlines for your upcoming sermon series?

Wouldn’t that take some of the stress away?

Preach Better Sermons will teach you how.

Then, imagine if you could drink from a fire hydrant and load up your 2016 up with tons of other tools to help you prepare memorable sermons plenty of days in advance?

Then, imagine if it was FREE?

Let me be clear: If you’re a communicator who preaches in any environment at all—even if it’s just a couple of times a year—YOU NEED TO BE AT THIS EVENT!

Register here, get out of the lonely weeds, buy yourself a headband, and join us at Preach Better Sermons!