Why Most Churches Have More Vision Than Funding

Startling statistic …

Only 14% of churches exceed their annual budgets each year.

That means that 86% of the churches out there are at break-even or BROKE.

This is a problem for multiple reasons.


PROBLEM #1 – Most churches have more vision than funding.

This is only normal, natural, and generally a good thing. You want to expand your God-given vision beyond your current capacity. That’s where faith comes in. But it’s also where funding comes in.  And a lack of it can often mean a delay in what you want to see happen inside the walls of your church and outside in the community.

PROBLEM #2 – Most churches slump through the summer or any of the “giving is down” seasons.

These times create stress, lowered ministry expectations, and generally rotten morale. It’s also harder to get budgets for things we need, unexpected or otherwise.

PROBLEM #3 – Most churches don’t know how to get more regular, increased funding.

With the 86%, funding that is increased or on a more regular rhythm (not seasonal) is harder to come by because there are no plans or processes in place to ensure that you’ll raise more ministry.


These are the problems of most churches, also known as the 86%.

Which group does your church fall into?

The 14% whose giving exceed their budgets year over year?

Or the 86%, who barely meet or even fail to meet budget? And have to make cuts?

Well … even if you answer, “Ours is in the 86%,” there is still hope for you.

Because in all of our research, we have found that the 14% of churches that raise more money than their budgets require do just a few things differently.


  1. Churches that raise more money for ministry have mastered a digital giving strategy. This means tapping into the power of recurring, online giving. This is important because healthy, regular giving is no longer dependent on Sunday-to-Sunday attendance or your members and regular attenders. A few empty seats don’t have to spell disaster.
  2. Churches that raise money more consistently thank their givers. Whether it’s faithful donors, new givers, or even new members, sometimes getting the chance to cast your vision (again) in the form of a thank you is key to encouraging repeat giving and consistency.

  3. They launch their giving campaigns the right way. We’re not just talking capital campaigns or specific asks, but how you launch a digital giving campaign (whether you’re implementing online giving for the first time, installing a kiosk, or switching platforms) how you launch is key. Churches that raise more money for ministry launch any giving campaign differently than those churches who struggle financially.


What’s the best way to move from the 86% (most churches) to the 14% (churches with true financial freedom)?

The answer is to implement better fundraising strategies sooner than later.

That’s why you need the Digital Giving Bundle

When you improve and emphasize digital giving, overall giving increases. And that means more money for ministry.


  • You will move people from sporadic, in-service giving to recurring, online giving.
  • You will level out the budget, making a dent in the dreaded summer-slump.
  • Overall giving will increase, enabling you to do more ministry.


You will get instant access to three great resources to help you roll out, emphasize and improve digital giving in your church.

#1 – Two Coaching Sessions

  • Video #1: The #1 Way to Get More Money for Ministry. In this session, you’ll learn how to create a digital giving strategy, emphasize it appropriately, add new tools and increase participating.
  • Video #2: Giving Made Easy. In this session, you’ll learn how giving people multiple ways to give truly increases giving. We will walk you through four common ways. You’ll get all of this on video, in audio form, and in PDF eBook. That makes it easy to consume and easy to share with your team.

#2 – A Digital Giving Brand

  • You’ll get all the graphics and files so you can talk about the different ways to give at your church. This includes all the original Photoshop files so you can adapt them to fit your church’s needs.
  • The image below is a taste of all the artwork you’ll get.

#3 – Automate the Important – a done for you “campaign” to roll out or emphasize recurring, online donations.

  • An announcement from the stage or an email to your congregation is NOT ENOUGH.  Setting up online giving or plugging in a giving kiosk won’t work.  You need to focus on this, and we will show you how.  Automate the Important is a plug and play intentional campaign to help you emphasize digital giving.  Everything is done for you.
  • A step-by-step eBook that unpacks the six reasons your church needs digital giving, the common objections to digital giving, 3 steps to implement digital giving and a 10-step process to move people to automated giving.
  • An all-inclusive media communication packet.  We’ll give you letters and emails that you can send your congregation.  We’ll give you announcement scripts, blog posts and sign-up cards.  We’ll give you all the communication tools for before, during and after your emphasis.  Everything is done for you.
  • A graphic packet that includes editable logos, icons, and screen graphics.  You’ll get the original artwork so you can modify as needed.
  • Audio coaching on how to do all of this.  You’ll get three separate audio seminars.

We’ve seen hundreds of churches increase giving using the Automate the Important campaign.  And it’s just one of the three resources included in the Digital Giving Bundle.


  • You want to move inconsistent givers to consistent givers
  • You want to reach more people
  • Your vision is bigger than your bank account
  • You need to hire staff
  • You need to build financial margin quickly

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