Confessions of a Frustrated Giver

In most churches 20% of the people do 80% of the work, which often means…20% of people give 80% of the income. If you want more people to give start by thanking the people who already give.

Here is what one giver confessed:

I am a frustrated giver.  That is what I am.  For context, let me tell you what else I am.  I am a person who loves Jesus, my pastor and my church.  I am a seasoned believer who has given and served faithfully for over two decades.  I am a person who realizes rewards are distributed when you get to Heaven, not primarily here on earth.  I am a person who gets it.

And other than platform announcements to the masses and quarterly contribution statements, let me tell you who else I am – I am also a person who has never been told “Thank You” for over two decades of faithful giving. 

Many churches do a great job showing appreciation to the wealthy in their church.  In money message series many churches follow the teachings of Jesus and extoll the virtues of the widow’s mite.

But day-in day-out, week-in week-out, month-in month-out, and year-in year-out, middle-class faithfulness in all areas of ministry—particularly giving—is assumed or taken for granted.

Candidly, I do not need a pastor to thank me for my responsibility gift.  I realize I’m not a millionaire.  Remember, I get it.  My gift flows from being a sign of my trust in Jesus in all areas of my life and my responsibility as a mature believer.  But there are times I become frustrated.

It would be nice to receive a personalized Thank You note or for my pastor to walk up to me, shake my hand and say, “You know, I’ve never done this and I’m sorry.  But I want to thank you for being so loyal all these years.  Your faithfulness and gifts have allowed us to do ministry at a high level and be part of changing countless lives for eternity.  We couldn’t have done that without you.  Thank you.”

My reward will come in Heaven and this is obviously fine with me.  However, it would be very nice to get a little Heaven here on earth and hear those words.

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