7 Things I Learned From Counseling Pastors

Being a pastor can be a lonely place sometimes. It’s hard to find people you can open up to, be honest with, or “vent” about your struggles and frustrations.

You want to be honest with your spouse without overwhelming him or her, stressing them out, or making them your punching bag (as a side, we LOVE this article about being a pastor’s spouse…it’s a great read!).

Recently, The Rocket Company sat down with a 67-year old Christian counselor who has not only helped some of our employees here, she has helped numerous pastors in her decades of counseling.

She shared with us 7 things she’s learned counseling pastors.

Pastors, she gave these insights as advice to you. Take them to heart!

  1. Make God Your Highest Priority

Not “serving” God, not understanding theology, not telling people about God. I’m talking about being rooted and grounded in the love of God in a way that makes being the beloved the truest thing about you. Otherwise, you’ll get weary beyond words, your life will become chaotic, and your heart will get shattered from the struggle of it all. God’s heart—and a relationship with Him—are primary.

  1. People Can Kill Your Passion For Your Calling If You Let Them

The goal is to have a tough hide and a tender heart. Jesus did not entrust Himself to men. Go with the movers, not the haters.

  1. God Is Your Boss, And He Will Reward You

People don’t have to understand you, appreciate you, be your best friend, or acknowledge all that you do. God will, and He will reward you.

  1. Cherish God’s Word As The Most Important Thing You Own

Because it is. It is the treasure that will make you the leader, spouse, and parent that you want to be (II Timothy 3:16-17). John 8:32 says. “If you will continue in my word, then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” What do you need to be free from? What do you want to be free to do?

  1. Humility Is Key

Be a servant. Approach your own sin with godly repentance and sorrow. Be teachable. Ask God to put His finger on the pride in your life.

  1. Pay Attention To The Poisons!

Comparing and competing are toxic to your joy. They create shame and guilt, which are terrible motivators. They will not transform you, your staff, or your kids. A career built on insecurity is NOT life-giving. So avoid these secret poisons!

  1. Go To Counseling Or Some Form Of It

Meet with someone who believes in you and will pray with you and for you. They will affirm you by letting you process your feelings and then tell you the truth (which can set you free).

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