How to Create a “Broke-Proof” Church in 2017


86% of churches in America are at break-even or broke.

Sobering statistic.

That means that only 14% of churches collect more in tithes and offerings that their budget requires for operating.

Twelve years ago, I was on staff at a church. Because I was responsible for the Sunday bulletin every week, I got to see the numbers first-hand (and earlier than most).

It was amazing what the giving numbers (compared to the budget number) did for my own personal morale each week.

Did we break even?

Are we in the red?

Are we operating at a surplus?

Ok, I winced every time I was emailed the numbers—bracing myself for the worst.

Another staff member used to tell me: “Oh don’t worry, the church has the money … It’s just that some of it is still in members’ pockets.”

Ok, that made me feel better … Or did it?

What was wrong with our system? Why was I always wincing when it came time to put the giving/budget numbers in the bulletin?

Simply put, there are best practices when it comes to collecting tithes and offerings that are simply being ignored by most churches.

There are also “secrets” that the 14% of churches who raise more than their budget requires. These secrets are the things they do differently than the 86% of churches who fail to exceed (or barely meet) their budgets.

Things done differently.

Is it really as simple as that?


Look, we are cruising toward the end of another calendar year. That means 2017 is here before you know it.

Before you put the finishing touches on your church’s 2017 operating budget, you need to see something.

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How to Create a Broke-Proof Church

What he shares in it will boggle your mind. But more importantly it will spur you to action.

You must do a few things VERY differently in your budgeting if you want to be one of those churches that fall into the 14% category.

And now’s the perfect time to find out what those things are.

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