How To Derail Your Ministry And Life In 2015

01.08.14 Blog Image

“Busyness leads to barrenness.”

That’s a quote I heard from a pastor a long time ago. He was talking about our tendency to neglect our relationship with God as our schedules fill up and the responsibilities of life crowd out what’s most important.

It’s an obvious point, right? I mean, we’re pastors and church leaders. We should get that more than anyone shouldn’t we?

But, in the midst of planning and implementing ministry projects, leading finance meetings, visiting people in the hospital, organizing discipleship groups, or whatever it is you and your staff are busy with, if not checked, we will forget. And, doing so has the potential to completely derail your church, and your family.

It’s why Jesus would “often slip away to the wilderness and pray” (Luke 5:15-16) when He was getting even busier. It’s why Psalm 55 challenges us to “cast our burden upon the Lord” so that He can sustain us.

Without seeking the Lord, you won’t have financial confidence in your church (or in any area of your life).

True, people might respond to your own ideas, but it won’t result in anything of eternal significance if the ideas are not God led. Seek God often this year.

Make time in your schedule to pray every day. Ask Him to provide direction and vision for your ministry. Invite Him to participate in your daily life including your family. Ask Him to discipline you.

Here’s the thing, you are the leader. You have been given a vision and call from God, and He will provide direction every step of the way if you ask Him.

Guard against becoming so busy doing ministry that He is left out of the equation. Don’t let this happen. Do whatever it takes to keep Him in the leadership position of your life and ministry.

Ask Him what you should do—then do it.

Again, it’s an obvious observation. But, we need to be reminded of it often.

Otherwise, we’ll end up off the tracks.