Don’t Use Dirty Language Before Receiving An Offering in Church!

If you want to increase giving in your church, you should do a Giving Talk before you receive the offering this week.  A Giving Talk is when you take about two minutes to connect with your crowd about their giving. Church giving is being revolutionized by Giving Talks.  Here are a couple of things to think through before you do your Giving Talk this week:

1. Watch your language 

Here are a few Giving Talk Dirty Words:

  • “Tithe” – A lot of people don’t know what a Tithe is.  Just talking about tithing without an explanation isn’t good. You need to take a moment to explain what a Biblical tithe is so they know and understand.
  • “Culture of Generosity” – I don’t even know what this means, so we can’t expect people sitting in our audience to know.
  • “A time of giving back to the Lord” – Most people believe their paycheck is from their employer not God. So you can’t say this without establishing that everything we have comes from God.
  • “Biblical giving” – Again, without explanation, it doesn’t make sense and people won’t get it.

All of these phrases are good, but they probably don’t belong in your giving talk because you don’t have time to explain them.

2. Acknowledge Online Givers 

At my church, the buckets are usually empty.  Most people at my church give online and they should at your church too.  Why?  Your giving will be much higher and the giver will be much more faithful!  In your time of giving, make sure you talk about online giving every week and thank people who give online.  We are doing an awesome webinar and I want to hook you up!  We are talking about how to do all of this and it will be so practical.  Check out this page about the webinar and sign up!

3. Give Direction

Nothing is worse than the pastor standing up and talking about the offering, but not telling people exactly what to do next.  Most ministry leaders inspire and inform but they fall short week after week because they don’t ASK people to give.  The Giving Talk is a perfect time to give people very specific directions on what to do like…·

  • Fill out this card and we will get you signed up to give online.
  • Place checks and cash in the offering basket, but make sure you fill out this envelope so we can send you an awesome gift for giving today.

Watch your language, acknowledge online givers, and give specific directions this weekend and you will win.