Finance Team Guide

Trying to figure out how to communicate with your Finance Team? Wondering how to get them on board? Let this guide help.

Before The Meeting

Here are some great things to remind yourself of before the meeting begins.

  • Choose Trust. Display trust over suspicion. Trust is an issue of the heart. It believes the best in other people. It’s okay to disagree occasionally. It’s not okay to become disgruntled. Being disgruntled is an indication of suspicion.
  • Consider The Big Picture. Focus on what your ideas can provide as it pertains to the church’s larger vision.
  • Encourage And Energize. Use statements like, “That’s a good idea. In order to do that, we need to think about things like __________.” Don’t use statements like, “Here’s a couple reasons why that’s a bad idea.” Or, “Let me tell you why that won’t work.”
  • Talk About Serving. Remind the team that the goal is to serve the church, which means doing whatever we can to help each department succeed. If new initiatives will provide more resources to help each area win, then focus on that.
  • Leave Well. If you take part in a particularly intense meeting, leave on good terms (Don’t let the sun go down on your anger). Maintain confidentiality. Don’t talk to other church members about the meeting.
  • Build Trust. In order for members to successfully carry out the vision of the church (and the team), they must trust each other. And it’s your job to intentionally build that trust. Try a variety of things like icebreakers, games, guided conversations, etc. Show a video of someone teaching on trust. Have an interactive discussion. Do whatever it takes to build trust.


How To Structure Your Time Together

  1. Get Away. There’s no better way to develop a team—and introduce a new idea—than to get away for a focused amount of time.

It doesn’t have to be an overnight trip. You can meet for an hour or two. It just needs to be time with minimized distractions.

Schedule the meeting based on your needs. But don’t cancel it! Make it a priority!

  1. Open With Prayer. This is not a time to share prayer requests. It’s a time to thank God for His presence and for the people in the room. Ask for God’s protection over the meeting.
  1. Review The Agenda. Quickly go over the agenda and objectives for the meeting.
  1. Communicate The Vision. Cast vision about why the finance team is important, and why this meeting is vital.
  1. Talk About Pain. Talk about the reasons why you’re considering your new initiatives. Think about what’s currently missing, either in your budget or your strategy. Discuss the implications of those things.
  1. Share one aspect of your funding plan. Cast vision on why you want to jump on board with new initiatives. 

After that, explain how they can help specifically because of their participation. Convey their purpose and job description. Give it to them in writing. This builds confidence in your leadership and the financial stability of your church as you move forward.

  1. Pastor the team. Disciple them. Find one way to help them grow spiritually.
  1. Pray together. Pray for the vision and finances of the church.
  1. Ask questions. Use questions to review the characteristics that are expected at meetings. Ask questions like, How are we doing at trusting one another? Are we encouraging each other? Are we serving? These questions will alert you as to whether or not your team members are self-aware.

Hopefully you’ll see how the mission and vision of your church can multiply with a good finance team. And who knows? You might just be able to boast about having the best finance team in town!

You need systems to make your finance team thrive, not just exist.

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