Four Things to Consider about Preaching the Easter Message

With Easter just a couple days away, here are seven thoughts to keep in mind as you put the finishing touches on your Easter message and prepare your heart to celebrate Resurrection Sunday.

1.  Don’t preach too long.  Remember, you’re not the only thing on the agenda.  Lunch, brunch and time with family are on the front of a lot of people’s minds.

2.  Invite guests to return the next week.  With so many guests and infrequent attenders in the house, see if you can invite them to be a part of something.  

3.  Give a clear action step.  As you think through your message, ask yourself, “What do I want people to DO?”  Maybe it’s respond in faith or take a step, but make sure your message points people in one clear direction.

4.  Give your team a day off on Monday.  The Easter season can take a lot of physical, emotional and spiritual energy.  Go ahead and send an email to your team and declare April 1 (the Monday after Easter) a church holiday. 

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