Guide To Fundraising – Own It or No One Will

I used to work in an organization where my co-workers and I were always coming up with new ideas.

If you walked around our office or sat in one of our staff meetings, you’d consistently hear phrases like: “We should try this.” “We should create a new system.” “We should send this new email.” “We should rally our community around this idea.” I think we convinced ourselves that we were the smartest staff in the country. Inspired by our newest Apple product purchases, we all thought we were little Steve Jobs juniors.

Starbucks in hand? Check. Trendy jeans on? Check. Ready to change the world? You better believe it!

Our boss—who also loved Apple products, Starbucks coffee and trendy jeans—would always respond, “That’s a great idea. But we doesn’t have an office.” We’d stare blankly at him. He’d continue, “Which one of you is personally willing to take on this idea and make it happen?” That’s when we’d get it. “We” doesn’t work here—a bunch of individuals do. And for our brilliant idea to come to maturity, one of us needs to run with it.

When it comes to new ideas that need fundraising, here’s my modification of my former boss’s statement:

“That’s a great idea. But somebody doesn’t have an office. Are you personally willing to take this idea on and make it happen?”

So how about you? Are you personally willing to own the responsibility of raising the money needed to fund your dream? Help that group of people? Or start that business? Because if you are, that’s the first step toward successfully raising money.

In my guide to fundraising, you have to own it, or no one will.


Casey Graham is the CEO and founder of The Rocket Company. His book, Fundraising Rocket, can be found online and and