5 Steps To Getting Ahead On Year-End Giving

The #1 issue that every church, big or small, has to address with accuracy, sensitivity and timeliness. In our culture, we live in a “wait until I have to do it” mentality. That’s the same way you should view your givers. However, there are some things you can do to make sure giving isn’t TOO much of a last minute thing….or a forgotten thing.

*SPECIAL TIP* – Yes, we live in a “last minute culture”, but if you do the work early enough and strategically enough, the last minute fruit will be larger.

5 Steps To Getting Ahead On Year-End Giving

Find Your Purpose:

I know, fundamental, huh? Let’s not forget the basics here. Why do you need giving to be amazing in the final quarter of the calendar year? What’s the driver, the Duracell battery in the back of the bunny? Write down ON PAPER the purpose for your year-end giving campaign and own that purpose. This is the flux capacitor(Back To The Future Reference) of your initiative and will inform all actions and steps beyond this point. This also includes setting your goal.

Create A Calendar:

Expand your purpose into action steps. Put dates, next to names, next to actions. Use this calendar as your compass. Your Purpose is your north star. Organize your sermons around this calendar, integrate church communications with this calendar and share your calendar with vital team members…both paid and non-paid.

Goal Dashboard/Scoreboard:

Create a visible chart of your progress. This is a barometer for your progress and opportunity to hit your goal. Keep this in front of you and everyone with you at all times. There’s no way you’ll hit your goals if they are hidden in a spreadsheet somewhere. Make it fun. This can be a major motivator as you press toward a giving goal.
Pick one strategic day on your church calendar to push everyone to both in presence and in message. This is the BIG DAY where 60%-80% of your giving goal can be reached. Do it BIG. Saturate the facility with your message and theme. Prepare your message earnestly. Plan your worship service with this goal in mind. Leverage this experience so that you can use it to fund your ministry vision and ultimately allow your church to create ripple effects in your city’s history.

Say Thank You:

The #1 way to create residual return on your year-end giving strategy is to tell your givers thank you. Create a team or assign to yourself to write everyone a note to tell them thanks for investing in the church’s future and for being obedient to God’s calling. This isn’t a tactic to make them give more(although this will be a result), but to let them know that your church isn’t a cold institution that desires to just pay the power bill.

You’re in this for a much bigger reason and they deserve to share that vision and yoke with you. It will be a massive blessing and encouragement to them that will result in further giving, more involvement and open ears as God challenges them in your ministry.