Why a Giving Strategy Matters

There are two kinds of churches, and they’re revealed by the way they answer this question, regarding their giving strategy: How much money will your church bring in this year? Type 1 answers with a figure. Type 2 answers with something vague. The thing is, those Type 1 churches are usually correct in their confident, specific answers. Why? Because they have a giving strategy. And that’s important. Why? Because when a church has an intentional giving strategy, they can be confident in the numbers you will bring in.

Let’s face it: ministry costs money. And we are called to be good stewards of our resources – both in managing what comes in & developing givers within our congregation.

Have a Plan

You have to have a giving strategy, because frankly, you can’t achieve goals you haven’t set. A financial funding plan looks about 12 months ahead and sets financial objectives along the way. It will also include action steps to make sure your church’s giving can match the plan.

If your church hasn’t created a plan like this before, the first two modules of Giving Rocket will outline the process for you and give you the exact tools and resources you need to create and implement a giving strategy.

Consider your Givers

In order for your strategy to be effective, you will need to truly consider the givers in your church. Who are you asking to give? How should you ask them? And more importantly, what are you giving them in return?

Module 3 of Giving Rocket covers the 5 reasons people give and how to communicate with each type of giver. Later modules address ways to follow up and give back, too! One of our favorite resources that you can give back to your givers is by offering financial coaching to your congregation.
There’s a way to give back starting right now, however, by simply acknowledging gifts given with a personalized, hand-written thank you note. The impact will be twofold; it will encourage the giver but it will also encourage your staff through the increased awareness and reflection the process stirs up. Not sure where to start? We’ve got a resource for that!

The Payoff of a Giving Strategy

Investing in a giving strategy is going to require time, work, and money – initially. But the payoff is well worth the workload!

You will see a culture of giving grow in your church.

You will see preaching about financial matters begin to come more easily. Your financial team will be more unified around the plan, and best of all, you can start budgeting the money you have instead of the money you have no way of getting to.

We would love to help your church set and achieve financial goals. Get in touch with us when you’re ready, and we’ll dig in together.