Happy Givers Fund Healthy Churches

As a pastor and church leader, your actions can go a long way in creating happy givers.

Why is having happy givers important? First off, scripture says God loves a cheerful giver. That’s what Paul wrote to the Christians in the first century city of Corinth. He told them not to give reluctantly, or out of guilt, but to decide in their hearts how much to give, and then give it cheerfully.

Secondly, a healthy financial culture is built by people who willingly and lovingly support the mission of the church.

Here are two primary ways to create happy givers:

1. Build Trust.

People don’t give to organizations they don’t trust. And, when it comes to churches, trust in the church is directly tied to trust in the leader. As your congregation’s trust grows and they see how the money given is having an impact in people’s lives, so will their giving.

That raises the question, how can we build trust with our people?

  • Shepherd the flock. You have to make deposits into people’s lives with your time and energy before you can ever expect them to give.
  • Tell people where the money goes. You don’t have to hand out a detailed budget report, but highlighting the ministry impact giving is having, helps people know what they’re giving to.
  • Do what you say you’re going to do. It seems simple, but this is where big mistakes can be made. We’ve seen a lot of churches raise money for one thing, then turn around and use the money for something else. Nothing burns trust more than not following through on your word.

2. Say Thanks.

Andy Stanley has a great quote that says “what gets rewarded gets repeated.” You’d be surprised how many pastors and church leaders don’t say thanks. Instead, they just send the yearly giving statement. Instead, try one or more of these approaches:

  • Send a hand-written note thanking first-time givers. Our What Happens When You Give resource make this super easy.
  • Say thank you from the stage during a giving talk.
  • Host a thank you event

The reality is that when people give, it isn’t a financial decision, but a spiritual one. Especially when someone gives for the first time. In the same way we celebrate baptisms, and decisions for Christ, we should celebrate when people give because it acknowledges people’s decision to trust Christ with their finances.

These are just two ways to create happy givers in your church. We created Giving Rocket to help revitalize your church and transform the financial health of your entire church and congregation.

Learn more about Giving Rocket here.