Here is the Best Thing You Can Send Donors

Yesterday, I told you about the power of hand-written thank you notes. If you missed it, you can read it here.

We KNOW personal thank you notes work. That’s why we created this ONE-OF-A-KIND product called What Happens When You Give.

What Happens When You Give

It’s a 39-page, full-color booklet that walks a donor through what happens after they give. It comes with a blank thank you note so you can add your personal thanks. And it comes with a blank envelope so you can mail the whole thing to someone after they donate.

You get a case of 48 booklets, 48 blank thank you notes and 48 envelopes for $199. And this week only, we’re giving you FREE SHIPPING and a FREE SERMON.

Here are some ways churches are using this:

  • They are sending them to everyone who makes a first time donation. It’s WAY better than the form letter or the automatic email.
  • They are sending them with quarterly contribution statements. (I’ve got a template you can use, too. If you want it, let me know)
  • They are preaching a message on generosity and giving one to each person as they leave church. We’ll even give you the message…the Word Document and the PowerPoint presentation.

The booklet focuses on helping the donor understand how God views their donation. It’s a simple thank you that unpacks God’s response to generosity. It’s got a beautiful, clean, full-color layout, intentionally written to work in every church setting. You won’t find our logo on it anywhere.

What Happens When You Give

When you buy a case, I’ll send you a FREE sermon with the same theme as a bonus. You can preach this as a stand-alone message or use it to kick off a series on stewardship. The sermon works really well with the booklets.

If you appreciate first time givers, guess what? They will become second time givers? If you thank your church for their generosity, guess what? They will become more generous.

This simple tool is so powerful and your church can use it.

The free shipping and free sermon offer expires on Friday, March 1st. Go here to get your your booklets now.